March 06, 2013

Firearms, self-defense, and the testimony of a rape victim

Denver Post: Sen. Hudak responds to criticism

Statistics are an excellent way to analyze large, overreaching trends. Statistics can never define any given individual situation. Statistics that compare unrelated quantities in an attempt to create evidence for something that does not exist in the real world are absolute lies disguised as science. They are no different than a murderous Taliban chief claiming their crime is justified because they serve a legal system higher than human law. Yes, I am equating the remarks of this anti-gun Colorado state senator to one of the worst criminals in the modern world. Her reliance on junk science to prove her claim that the "feelings" of some people are more entitled to legal protection than the real-world safety of others is no less fanatic, no less delusional, and no less criminal than the Taliban who shot Malala. They are morally and ethically identical and it is far past time for we as a nation to stop this foolish headlong rush into anarchy being led by the Democratic Party.

D.C. Clothesline: If they come for your guns, do you have a responsibility to fight
CNN: Far right extremist groups growing in number and potential for violence

(Next day in America, which was later that same day in Japan, this video popped up as well.)