March 28, 2013

Will you kneel to a king who brings peace from chaos?

There is a small but active group of extremely wealthy individuals who believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that only one thing can save the United States of America: a monarchy. And not only the United States. They favor, work toward, and develop strategies to achieve a global parliamentary monarchy, or better yet, a constitutional monarchy where the monarch and the nobility (such as Britain's House of Lords) have the power to override the popularly elected representatives. Hidden in the shadows of American political issues like gay marriage, green energy, and gun control, is billions of dollars of support from royalty in Europe and the Middle East. Monarchists sit on corporate boards of global companies, sponsor advertising campaigns through a variety of political action groups, and anonymously contribute to such everyday organizations as Media Matters and the Center for American Progress. I have personally met half a dozen of them myself, all quietly dedicated to developing strategies to save us from ourselves.

You see, they honestly believe that breeding and education have produced in them a superior sort of human being. In their minds, there are two kinds of people in the world: nobles and peasants. They, of course, are the nobles, either because they are descended from ancient royalty or because they feel a bond of kinship with those who are descended from ancient royalty. There are noble families in the Middle East who trace their lineage all the way back to the kings of Sumer and Akkad, along with the Medes and the Ammonites, while many of the more "modern" houses scattered through Europe can only trace their lineage back to Hellenic Greece or First Century Rome. There is still a Habsburg Peerage that is updated constantly (and fully computerized) and a Spanish group that controls and sells titles to half a dozen European heritages. Burke's Peerage, of course, must be mentioned in this context as well.

Many of these royal families are deadly serious about their assumption of entitlement. They contribute to political action groups around the world that are dedicated to restoring the rights and privileges of noble houses. Some of them are working behind the scenes right here in the United States. Why do you think one of the first stops Pres. Obama made after his election was to Saudi Arabia? Why do you think he bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia while treating the Queen of England with such disdain? In his mind, the Saud is a royal house with ancient roots while the Stewarts are upstart peasants who deserve neither title nor status. This is very, very real.

There are also around the internet dozens of uniformed but well-intentioned individuals who are trying to bring about the restoration of monarchy. None of them are very influential, but a few of them actually have access to persons of peerage who provide them emotional or financial support, and sometimes both. Every time the American bloggers go nuts over some British royal silliness, thousands of royal families around the world take it as strong evidence that their campaign is working and with just the right nudge, America will beg for a monarch of its own.

Those royal families who are ambitious and crave restoration of their ancient rights and privileges have a firm strategy in mind to achieve this end. They are using your own assumptions against you. Chaos in the streets of American cities is, for them, a good thing. It is more evidence that America needs a firm guiding hand instead of our stumbling, bumbling presidents. Why do you think so much money was spent to make George W. Bush look like an ignorant cowboy? Why do you think there are so very many well-funded groups that keep reminding you Barack Obama is nothing more than a community organizer who got lucky? Bush was a cowboy, by the way, and a failed oil man. And Barack Obama did get his start working as a community organizer. The problem is not the reality of their backgrounds, the problem is how you and I respond to every media talking head who points it out to us. We are being programmed to desire something higher, something better, something more dignified. Those internet bloggers and monarchist advocates who rave constantly over the antics of European royals are giving voice to something that millions of Americans feel, something programmed into them through carefully orchestrated images of wealth, luxury, status, and nobility. Nobody really needs a Rolls Royce or a Bentley for their morning commute, but how many of you are dying to own one?

All they are waiting for is the right level of crisis to step in, disarm us, and enforce their ancient prerogatives. They are patient. They have waited over a dozen generations and they are prepared to wait a dozen more. Whenever our media machine gets all of us wound up and arguing over some silliness like gun control and gay marriage while ignoring real issues like the Arabian drive to recreate a Shari'a based regional Caliphate or America's ticking time bomb of debt we move one step closer to achieving their idea of utopia: them in absolute power and us in chains.

Gay marriage is not about civil rights. Gay marriage is about economics. Gay marriage is about gold-digger homosexuals and lesbians who dream of being able to use their sexual wiles to strip the wealth from their lovers in the same way that celebrity spouses do. They sell it as hospital visits and health insurance, but those are minor, peripheral issues that could be solved in a myriad of different ways. Many of those ways would be far better than gay marriage. Civil unions, for example, would work just fine for homosexual couples with the added benefit of protecting non-sexual friendship-based partnerships as well. What gay marriage really is, and the reason it collects such immense financial backing, is one piece of a multi-prong strategy aimed at destroying the social fabric of the modern world. Once that fabric has been ripped to shreds and society is beset by chaos (think Chicago, Detroit, and California), the royals can step in and "solve" the problem of anarchy.

It is no accident that the same people who spend billions in support of gay marriage spend even more billions in support of gun control, green energy, and "social justice". These are all fantasy ideals that are designed from the very beginning to pluck at your heartstrings, offend your sense of justice, and drive you to add your pennies and dollars to the billions they are already spending in support of legal and political chains that will disarm and enslave you for your own good. It is no accident that Mayor Bloomberg has set his sights on the NRA, obesity, and cigarettes. He is backed by pharmaceutical companies, health co-ops, the royal family of Denmark, drug cartels and old mafia families who channel their money through civil service worker's unions and media advertising campaigns. Their advertisements have made him what he is so naturally he is more than happy to throw a small portion of that wealth into supporting their agenda. Tit-for-tat, what goes around comes around, they've scratched his back now he is scratching theirs.

But it makes no difference for me to point this out. I've been saying more or less the same thing since I was sixteen years old. The current topic changes, the strategy I employ changes, the media I exploit changes, but the message is always the same: learn to do for yourself or someone else will do it for you and when they do, you become their slave.