April 20, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing Aftermath

Fox News: 2nd Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect in Custody
CNN: Boston Police Announce Marathon Bombing Suspect Captured

Soon pundits and commentators everywhere will be analyzing, diagnosing, and offering opinions on this past week's events in Boston. It began with the bombing of the Boston Marathon on Monday, a barrage of news reports from Tuesday to Thursday followed by the release of two grainy photographs just before suppertime Thursday evening. A few hours later two young men used a stolen ATM card to withdraw money from an ATM at a Seven Eleven. Then they shot a MIT Campus Police Officer and carjacked an SUV only to find themselves in a massive running firefight through the streets of Cambridge that killed one of the young men and left the other a fugitive. To "insure public safety" and aid their search for the fugitive, local government ordered citizens throughout the Boston Metro Area to remain locked in their homes, except when police came by in which case they were expected to throw open their doors and welcome officers inside for unconstitutional house to house searches. Citizens and taxpayers were forbidden from traveling in the streets, all public transportation was shut down, no one was allowed to go to work and companies were ordered to remain closed. Terror reigned throughout the Boston Metro Area as people cowered inside their homes with over nine thousand law enforcement officers and national guard troops prowling the streets in full tactical gear and a variety of light armor vehicles.

Let me be perfectly clear: there is no excuse for the violent terrorism of Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev. None. Tamerlan is now dead and Dzhokar is in custody. If Dzhokar survives his wounds, he will face trial in accordance with American criminal law. This is a good thing. Law enforcement learned who the two bombers were in record time and within five days of the Boston Marathon bombing the entire episode had ended. All that is left now is to bury the dead, nurture the wounded back to health, and repair the damage done by bombs and bullets. This was a horrible and unnecessary episode of extreme violence and will go down in history as one of the worst terror attacks on American soil to date. However, I cannot see this week as anything except a tactical victory for terrorists around the world who hold America up as "the Great Satan" of the modern age. Yes, you read that right: to my way of thinking this was a tactical victory for the terrorists. Pundits and politicians high and low will go out of their way to spin this as a victory for us, but it is not. The American system lost in this confrontation and lost badly. We got our patriotic asses kicked by two young men equipped with small arms and homemade bombs.

Consider, for example, casualty figures. On our side four people died (three in the marathon bombing plus the MIT Campus Police officer ambushed on Thursday night) and nearly two hundred were wounded. On their side there is one dead and one wounded. In terms of material loss, on our side there are several storefronts that will need replacing, several vehicles that will need either repair or replacement, bomb damage to roads, and thousands of bullet holes in dozens of locations. Material loss on their side: nothing. It will take days, perhaps weeks, to calculate the economic damage suffered by both the Boston Metro Area and America as a whole. I don't know what that number will be, but I am certain it will be tens of billions and possibly hundreds of billions of dollars. Economic damage on their side: some small arms and a minor amount of bomb making material. Beyond all this, there is a huge precedent that has been set that no one in government or media seems able to face: an entire American city was shut down and brought to its knees by two young men equipped with small arms and homemade bombs! For almost twenty-four hours the constitution was suspended and millions of people were imprisoned in their homes. Without any kind of legislative action or judicial review local government was able to impose strict martial law. From late Thursday night to early Friday evening, Boston was under a complete military dictatorship backed by over nine thousand law enforcement agents and billions of dollars in high-tech military hardware. Boston, the birthplace of the revolution and a city that still bills itself as the heart of American liberty, was held captive by a police state imposed with no discussion, no debate, and not a single vote.

I will not claim this was a "false flag" event. Nonetheless, it is perfectly obvious to me that this act of terrorism and the resulting firefight allowed our government to conduct a real-time, live action drill aimed at proving and perfecting their ability to impose martial law with no warning and no civilian right of either refusal or rebuttal. Instead of a simple dry run, the bombing and firefight gave them a real-time training exercise of immense proportions and incredible potential. This is unbelievable! Lessons learned in Boston this week will be applied to scenarios and wargames at all levels of government. Now the government knows for an absolute fact that given the right impetus and good cooperation from our complicit media, they can impose martial law and no one will object, at least not for the first twenty-four hours. Should our government find an appropriate excuse, they now know exactly what steps to take to convince American people of every sub-culture and economic strata to accept complete and total government control over their lives with no objection whatsoever.

This has been both a strategic victory for those people in government who dream of total control and a tactical victory for terrorists and terrorist wannabes of all stripes who dream of paralyzing our nation and destroying our way of life. We did not lose this round because the Tsarnaev brothers were terror masterminds. Quite the opposite, actually. We lost this round because despite their bumbling, amateurish actions they succeeded where Al Qeada had failed: they shut down an entire American metropolis with minimal investment and minimal loss of material and manpower.

I guarantee you this one thing: America's enemies both foreign and domestic spent this week watching and learning! The only question that remains is not "if" they will apply this lesson but "when" they will apply it because I can also guarantee you that sooner or later they will apply what they have learned.

You had best start preparing now.