April 17, 2013

Man in Texas Confronted by Police

Everyone in this video is wrong. There was no legal reason for the police to stop this man and his son during their hike. They were in an area where dangerous wild animals are a very real threat that needs to be taken into account. Some people carry bear repellent, he chose to carry a rifle and a handgun. However, the use of a tactical harness to carry his AR-15 clone in front of his chest is an extreme choice. He has the right to carry his rifle any way he likes, including a front mount tactical harness, but that does not make it a smart choice. There is no chance of his being ambushed by an overly aggressive cougar or a pack of demonic wild hogs. He would have more than enough time to draw a pistol or bring to his shoulder a rifle on a traditional sling. By the same token, it is equally foolish of people who see him walking along a hiking trail with his son to assume he has some kind of diabolic intent and phone 911 in a panic. There was no grounds for the police to confiscate his rifle. The use of a front mount tactical harness does not constitute a threat to either the public safety or the safety of police officers who stop him to ascertain his intent. It does, however, make the rifle difficult to remove when a police officer asks to inspect it.

In short, he should not have been surprised when police showed up asking to inspect his weapon. By the same token, the police should not have been surprised when he was reluctant to turn it over to them. Everyone did everything wrong and it is a miracle this incident came to a conclusion without shots being fired and someone being killed.