May 24, 2013

The covert war on conservatism

Ever since the news about Benghazi broke I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how this administration is coordinating its war on American conservatives. Everything that they have done, from Operation Fast and Furious to the current IRS debacle, is perfectly coordinated and timed. It is obvious to anyone with a strategic mind that none of this insanity is random. Someone, somewhere, somehow is carrying out a war on American conservatives and they are using every single branch of the federal government (along with numerous state governments) to conduct this covert war. "Who?" seems perfectly obvious to me. The "who" behind this covert war is Valerie Jarret and her team of radicals. But how are they conducting this wide-ranging and all-encompassing campaign of terror and intimidation while leaving normal channels free of communication evidence? On the surface, no one is guilty of anything and everyone has perfect deniability, frustrating Congressional hearings and investigations at every turn. I have seen many covert campaigns to overthrow a nation in my time and this one is by far the best coordinated of them all, but how are they doing it?

Jeffery Lord at has figured it out. They are conducting this war through the ultimate back channel: government employee unions.

Spectator.og: Obama and the IRS, the smoking gun

Now that we know how they are conducting this war we also know who to target. Conservatives in government employee unions need to be standing up, turning whistleblower, making reports to their congressional representatives, and demanding RICO investigations of union leadership. If this war cannot be stopped while it is covert and cold then someday soon, perhaps only a few months from now, we will find ourselves in the midst of a genuine civil war with millions of small groups in violent opposition to the federal government but none of them knowing who they should be attacking; thus making it extremely simple for the federal government to label them all "terrorists". That will create the perfect scenario for martial law, suspension of the constitution, suspension of national elections, and the imposition of a genuine imperial presidency.

I would very much like to avoid that scenario.