July 13, 2013

I'm still here and not going anywhere

I have not posted anything in awhile, and have posted very little the past couple of months, but I'm not fading into the virtual sunset just yet. I'm not glued to the television news, nor am I following the three ring circus on CSpan. For about a month and a half now I have been doing everything in my power to avoid the daily news as well as the daily news talk shows. I've been practicing a little guitar, working on background material for a novel on medieval Japan, and prepping a couple short stories for January publication on the Amazon Kindle. After two decades wandering through cyberspace, my real life is fulfilling enough I don't make it out here very often.

But don't be thinking I'm gone. I am lurking in the background reminiscing about the fiery old days of Usenet and very much in awe at how far we have come in such a short period of time. I first got involved in Usenet back in the early '90s because I had no outlet for my writing and no network of writers to compare notes with. Now there are hundreds of paying online magazines, the Amazon Kindle, and countless print-on-demand publishing houses eager to accept manuscripts through e-mail or even as instant messenger attachments. The internet truly has become the ultimate tool for global democratization in an oppressive world where for five millennia petty nobles and corrupt dictators have been able to consolidate small regional powerbases and dominate them completely. Not anymore. Now anyone with access to a mobile phone, internet cafe, or local library can scream their message to the entire world. Global freedom of speech has been secured to such an extent that the latest scientific research is just as easy to access as the most puerile hatred imaginable, often in a variety of forms including audio, video, stills, poster art, poetry, and plain old prose.

It is indeed a Brave New World we live in, but neither George Orwell nor David Brin fully comprehended the degree to which instant communications would change our way of life. William Gibson came the closest and even he missed the target by a long shot.

In short, I am still here and will remain here. Other blogs by other bloggers might come and go with the winds of change but I have decided I will keep this one going as long as Blogspot allows it! I am busy preparing a few items for publication and if all goes according to plan, in January I will launch two novels and half a dozen short stories in the Kindle Store. I probably won't be blogging much between now and then, however. This writing stuff is a whole lot harder than it looks!