August 08, 2013

As firearms ownership skyrockets, firearms related violence plummets

The National Shooting Sports Foundation recently published a fascinating infographic that was picked up and reported on by The Blaze. I learned about it in a Facebook post by Gun Owners of America. As almost everyone on both sides of the gun control debate acknowledges, firearms sales have been steadily climbing since 1991, were given a big boost by the attack on the World Trade Tower on 9/11, and the largest boost in the history of America by the election and then re-election of Barack Obama. The reasons behind this massive increase in both firearms purchases and participation in firearms training programs has been hotly debated for over a decade. Those who favor stronger gun control up to and including a repeal of the Second Amendment are fond of claiming loudly and often that the surge of interest in firearms is being driven by a combination of paranoia and racism being experienced by a small percentage of the population who they like to refer to as "religious gun-nuts and fringe militia members". The Southern Poverty Law Center likes to bolster this claim with voluminous reports based on speculation, distorted facts, and even fantasy statistics that despite being repeatedly debunked the gun control lobby depends on completely for their own "research".

There is a link to the article at The Blaze below, but I would like to highlight one important fact that both surprised and pleased me immensely. Unintentional firearms related fatalities, the "dead children" boogeyman the gun control crowd loves to claim they are protecting and fighting for, have dropped more than 50% since 1991, and a whopping 81% since 1930. Better training, more widespread availability of training, simplification of the training paradigm by men such as Jeff Cooper working hand in hand with the ever present, constantly vigilant National Rifle Association have bequeathed to you and I a stronger, safer, better prepared American gun owner than at any point in our history. We stand on the shoulders of tireless giants who dedicated their lives to insuring that tyrants and tyrant wannabes would not destroy the foundation of freedom laid down by our nation's founders.

Now it is time for you to do your part. Arm yourself with the best weapon you can buy, equip yourself with the best training you can afford, then find a firearms advocacy group you can believe in and donate to them regularly. It is only by working together that we can both continue this great tradition, preserve our freedoms, and pass on to future generations of free Americans the promise left to us by tireless revolutionaries like Benjamin Franklin who wrote in his memoirs:

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Let me close with one last thought that applies not only to firearms, but to every aspect of life: It does not matter what you want to believe because in the end, the only thing that truly matters is facts.

The Blaze: New Infographic Seemingly Debunks One of the Most Crucial Anti-gun Claims