August 30, 2013

Russia prepares to respond to American intervention

As I pointed out yesterday, the real problem with American intervention in Syria, regardless of the form it takes, is that it will not stop in Syria. Vladimir Putin was the head of the KGB during the Lebanese civil war. He directly oversaw the brutal, sadistic treatment of local militias that allowed the Russian contingent to enjoy drinks and local delicacies while everyone else scrambled to stay alive and the United States lost an entire barracks full of Marines. Putin is old school. He is the master of both the friendly, grandfatherly public image and the silent knife in the back on a dark night. He hates the United States with a passion that approaches and possibly surpasses the hatred driving radical Islam. Right now he sees America as being weakened from insane debt, the recent end of a protracted war, and an incompetent presidency. Vladimir Putin would love to be given UN sanction to strike the United States and deliver a death blow. With the defeat in the UK parliament of the option for the UK to support American military intervention in Syria, the very last genuine ally has been removed from the international support network that has kept the United at the forefront of diplomacy since the end of World War Two. The "American era" is now over.

It did not have to be this way. Either John McCain or Mitt Romney could have stopped the slide into irrelevancy, although I doubt either of them could have reversed it. If Sarah Palin had not been viciously turned on and attacked by the RNC after being chosen as McCain's running mate, then it is entirely possible her reformist bend would have been just the tonic needed to take over after McCain or Romney and revitalize the United States both domestically and abroad. But it's no use crying over spilt milk. Barack Obama and his delusional staff have killed us as surely as a bullet to the head.

This is what I see happening, and I pray that I am wrong. Sometime next month Barack Obama, may he burn in hell forever, will authorize a "limited" strike on pointless targets in Syria. Probably a couple cruise missiles dropped on one of Assad's residences, an empty one. Russia will go before the UN Security Council demanding a reprimand against the "US aggression". Backed by China and with the UK abstaining, the Security Council will issue the reprimand. The Russian ships that are being moved into the Mediterranean will attack the American fleet there and the Americans will respond. It does not matter who wins this engagement. Win or lose, the Russian military will drive south through Georgia and by mid-November will be in the Golan Heights where they will be welcomed by Hezbollah with open arms. Assad's regime and the Free Syrian Army will both be destroyed by the Russians and a Hezbollah puppet placed in charge. At that point China will throw her public support behind the Russians and begin providing logistic support to the Russian military.

Is this Armageddon? Will this be the war described in Ezekiel 38 and 39? I don't know. I do know it will share many similarities with the prophesied conflict, similarities that were considered impossible to even imagine when I first began studying Biblical Prophecy back in 1978. It will be a vicious, bloody conflict that will quickly spread throughout the Middle East with devastating effect on the global economy. Chaos, economic collapse, food riots, all of those things people have been talking about for the past decade while more "rational" people dismiss them as a lunatic fringe are all things that might become commonplace two or three years from now. If you have not spent the past few years preparing for this chaos, it's too late to start now.

I doubt this is the "end of the world". I am certain it is the end of the world as I know it. For all the changes the past decade have wrought, the next decade will be even worse. Everything is about to change. Most of the process that will take us into whatever this new world order becomes will be violent.

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