August 24, 2014

Sgt. Maj. Dan Page's Presentation to St. Louis Oathkeepers

This speech is being misquoted in every single news outlet known to humanity. A couple of minor comments are being held up as indicating the entire hour-long speech is nothing but a homophobic racist rant. Every single news service is carrying exactly the same story! I don't know about you, but when every single English-language news service in the entire world carries exactly the same story red flags and warning lights go off in every corner of my mind. So I went looking for the "controversial video" itself. Not surprisingly, it was actually quite hard to find. None of the search engines wanted to fetch it regardless of what search terms I used. I finally found it because a gay marriage advocacy blog listed the entire title and I was able to do a YouTube search using the proper title of the video itself. Every other search I attempted deadheaded on thousands of news articles about a homophobic racist officer being suspended from the St. Louis County Police Department.

Now, don't misunderstand me. The comments he made are being accurately quoted. However, those comments constitute barely five minutes of an hour long speech filled with facts, figures, and personal experiences. None of the quoted comments, some of which are indeed quite offensive, are related to the main content of his speech. His main speech is a warning cry about how increased globalization is leading to a unified global government. This warning cry is vital to understand clearly because he is absolutely right. The world is moving to a global control system that will be completely in place some time within the next decade. It is here, it is real, and it is happening right before your eyes.

Some aspects of this global system are going to be very beneficial. It is now possible for writers, musicians, and other creative people to display their works to the entire globe and if they are popular enough, to make a living from those works without going through editorial staffs at giant publishing companies more worried about profit than art. This trend will continue. As better, more effective transportation infrastructure is put into place, blue collar workers, agricultural workers, office workers, skilled laborers and non-skilled laborers will be able to travel anywhere in the globe to seek employment. Improved digital translation services will insure that communication between management and the workforce will remain clear and unimpeded regardless of native languages. Debit cards and improved global banking will allow a worker in one country to deposit their paycheck in a local bank while their family on the opposite side of the globe uses that money to buy groceries and pay bills. All of this is real and is happening and within the next decade billions of people will benefit from it.

Economic globalization will make it impossible for the world to continue functioning as a divided bubbling cauldron of competing national interests. Over the past thirty years cracks have widened in the international treaty system that ties the world together and terrorism is one result of these widening cracks. The drug cartels and terror networks live in the inequities built into the international legal system and in order for those inequities to be addressed and international crime to be brought under control the world will need a global political and legal system. It is inevitable. So you might as well accept the fact that sometime within the next decade you will be paying taxes to a global overlord and answering to a global law enforcement system. You will find yourself voting for global politicians, buying daily necessities in global markets, and sending your kids to schools that focus on global issues.

The only question that remains to be answered is what kind of system this global government will have. Our world is filled to overflowing with petty dictators and local tyrants. Ancient royal families in Europe and the Middle East are working every single day to insure their privileges and position will be preserved in the soon to arrive global government. Multigenerational noble families with wealth and resources stretching back through the millennia are allied with the royals because they are likewise determined to see this new world order honors and preserves their wealth. If the world's aristocratic families have their way then the new world government will be some form of dedicated monarchism that preserves the status and political power of their descendants. This is a survival strategy that they know they must employ if their children are to enjoy the same level of elitism that they inherited from their ancestors. It should not surprise any of us that the wealthiest people on earth would very much like to remain the wealthiest people on earth once the final nail has been driven home and the new world order opens for business.

This inevitability brings with it enormous challenges and even greater dangers. All of those petty dictators and local tyrants seeking to preserve their powerbase would greatly prefer to gain more peasants to oppress rather than losing the ones they have. Noble families whose wealth is based on land or natural resources would much rather gain control of even more wealth and resources than surrender the ones they have. Whenever conflict over power, wealth, or resources happens, there is often massive bloodshed. War is coming. A great, global conflagration that will make World Wars One and Two look like local garden parties. Alliances are being formed, battle lines are being drawn, weapons and materials are being amassed. Here in America, where the past decade has seen an explosion in private ownership of firearms and ammunition, the Doomsday Prepper movement has become so widespread that everyone in America is either preparing for the end of the world, has a friend preparing for the end of the world, or knows a family member who is preparing for the end of the world. Sometime within the next decade we are all going to find out whether those preparations were truly necessary and how well they work.

Our world hovers on the edge of a precipice. This precipice will collapse sometime within the next decade. We might fall into a better world or we might fall into a bloody global war that pits neighbor against neighbor and children against their parents. Sargent Major Dan Page is right about one thing: change is coming and the nature of that change depends on each of us individually. Your choices, not the choices of some scion of an ancient nobility, will determine how the change unfolds. The depth of your emotional and material preparation will determine the survival and future status of yourself and your family. You don't have to build an underground shelter and stockpile twenty years of dried food, but you do need to recognize that change is coming hard and fast and for better or worse you will be swept up in it.

Choose well and choose wisely, your life and your descendants depend on the choices you make over the next ten years. Where you buy your daily groceries, what books you read, and who you depend on for information are all going to have a major impact on you as an individual and on the world as a whole. I'm not saying you have to like it, nor am I saying you have to support it. I'm only saying it is coming and there is no way to avoid it so you might as well do everything in your power to make sure your contribution to this movement has a real impact on the nature of the final new world order.


(Update: October 21, 2016)

Somewhere along the line the video was banned from YouTube. I don't know when or why. To be completely honest, I don't even remember what his presentation was about.