August 28, 2014

"We don't really have a strategy"

Today President Barack Obama made what is perhaps the most revealing statement he has ever made. After listening to the President list up all the people he was dispatching to go have a look at the world's most dangerous hotspots a reporter asked him a simple question, "Mr. President, what is your strategy for dealing with ISIS?"

His response was frightening in the depth of its simplicity, "We don't really have a strategy. First we have to assess the situation and see where our partners in the region stand."

Well, Mr. President, unfortunately for you, unfortunately for all of us, Vladimer Putin has a strategy, ISIS has a strategy, the Chinese have a strategy, and Iran has a strategy. All of the most dangerous powers that be have clearly articulated strategies for expanding their power and influence and pushing the United States off the world stage. If you don't have a strategy and all of them do, then before you leave office at least one of them will achieve their goal and this nation will no longer be a world power.

President Obama doesn't have to DO anything to bring about the end of a half century of the fastest economic growth, the greatest increase in medical coverage, the near elimination of seasonal famine, the eradication of numerous childhood diseases, and the achievement of the longest average lifespans history has ever known. No, in fact, in order to destroy both this nation and the entire modern world completely between now and the time he leaves office there is really only one thing he needs to do: absolutely nothing.

Marxist propaganda aside, the United States has never been an imperial power. Ever since World War Two ended we have been a stabilizing influence and a powerful motivator for growth and prosperity. The past half century has not been utopian, not by any stretch of the imagination. We have, however, arrived at a point in history unlike any that has come before. Starvation is nearly non-existent, the last two widespread childhood diseases are polio and malaria. Despite the rise of AIDS and a dozen or so near pandemics, there has not been a single common plague that struck everyone randomly and arbitrarily with devastatingly fatal results. With rare exceptions, childhood morbidity rates around the world have fallen so drastically that the United States has gone from the lowest to the highest even though the American childhood morbidity rate has remained virtually unchanged since the end of the Great Depression. Swimming pools and car accidents are the two highest killers of children in America; not disease, not starvation, not poor hygiene, not gang violence, not accidental shootings, and not poverty. And the rest of the world is doing even better than we are!

For all the whining and crying of groups like "Occupy Wall Street" and "Native American Rights Fund", the poorest residents inside the United States of America are among the healthiest, best fed, best housed, and most comfortable people in the world. No, they don't live like kings, but even the most impoverished families in America have access to monthly government cash, food, and housing assistance, regardless of their race or ethnicity. People think of welfare recipients as minorities, but in most states the vast majority of multi-generational welfare dependent families are poor whites. Help is there for anyone who needs it, and it is there to such a great extent that American poor have a higher quality of life than working class people in over half the world. It is far better to be unemployed and poor in America than to be a factory worker in China or a construction worker in India.

But all of that is ending. Our enemies have seen the incompetence of our president and they are circling like sharks around a sinking ship. They all have a strategy for either helping the ship to sink, or zooming in and grabbing up what they can when it finally does. They have planned it out, made their preparations, and now they are waiting to strike. ISIS has a strategy for unifying Islamic fascists from around the world and using them to strike at the heart of America. Vladimer Putin has a strategy for chipping off pieces of NATO and using them to rebuild the Warsaw Pact. Iran has a strategy for developing nuclear weapons capable of reaching American forces that might intervene when they finally strike at Israel with the intent of destroying her utterly. China has a strategy for gaining control of the richest natural resources in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Western Pacific and using them to build a communist version of America's post-WW2 political, economic, and military success.

Every major power in the world has a strategy except one: The President of the United States of America. He has no strategy for countering the growing influence of fascist powers around the world. None whatsoever. Instead, he's dispatching John Kerry and half a dozen other advisers to visit our enemies and scold them like rowdy schoolchildren.


August 29, 2014

I am not the only one who sees clearly what ISIS is trying to do. The folks at the Institute for the Study of War understand what Barack Obama and his staff are trying to keep you and I from knowing: ISIS has far reaching plans and tossing a couple hundred bombs at isolated vehicles here and there is not even slowing them down.

ISW: Offensive in Syria Shows US Airstrikes Have Not Blunted ISIS Momentum

Well, look what I just stumbled across. Even the British understand that without a strategy the fate of the entire globe is doomed.

Mail Online: Obama's "We have no strategy" infuriates DoD