September 15, 2014

Ruger SR1911 CMD at 30 feet

I woke up with a cold this morning, but I didn't have a fever. I sat around the house, watched the news, found out it would rain tonight and tomorrow, decided cold or no cold I had to get some range time in. So I bundled up a bit and headed out to the range. I shot about 250 rounds through my 10/22 takedown and learned my eyes have gotten too bad for iron sights. That hurt. So I slipped over to the pistol range and ran a box of ammo through my Ruger SR1911 CMD. Much better. Although I do need to learn not to get impatient and jerk the trigger on the last couple rounds of a session.

This target was shot on a 30-foot range with 20 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense 185 grain, my normal carry ammo. I also shot a box of 50 rounds of Winchester 230 grain FMJ. A couple of those targets are pretty nice, but I figured one target was enough. Besides, this one is easiest to scan.

I made this target myself, by the way, which is why it looks unlike anything you'll find at your local gun shop. I also uploaded a blank copy just in case anyone out there likes the look. I normally print it out vertically centered on standard 8.5"x11" paper with .25" margins right and left (which makes it an 8" circle, naturally).