October 16, 2014

Predatory Internet Advertising

I'm sure you've seen the ads. Most major websites are hosting them now.
"Best Hollywood Bikini Bodies!"
"Amazing Secret to Six-pack Abs"
"Jennifer Aniston's Wild Weekend"
"Miracle Food Prevents Hair Loss!"

I realize that people deserve to be paid for their work and I realize that websites must either advertise or hide behind subscriptions to make money, but this is rapidly becoming insane. The worst offender is a company called, "Taboola" that specializes in the weird and exotic. Visiting a news or commentary site that hosts their ads almost instantly presents a pornographic background to even the most dry, academic, serious presentation of world affairs. I am sick to death of seeing these perverse, disgusting advertisements on reputable sites.

Starting today, any website a link carries me to that features ads by Taboola or a similar agency specializing in the bizarre and extreme will be added to my blocked list and I will never visit that site again, no matter how important it is. This garbage is too revolting for me. I simply cannot stomach it any longer. I hope they're paying generously because everyone who hosts them has just lost my patronage.

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