June 11, 2015

Creeping fascism

It all started two days ago, maybe three. I followed a link to a video report at Fox News about ISIS throwing homosexuals off of rooftops. Like always, there was a short ad prior to the video. To my great shock, and I admit, horror, the ad featured a beautiful young girl about nine years old lecturing me on how Global Warming was going to do her great harm long after I had died and abandoned her. There was no text, no splash screen at the end, and no hint at all of who had made the video, let alone who had paid to have it run on the Fox News website. When my video finished and I went to another video about ISIS in Ninevah, another video played with a similar monologue by a different beautiful little girl.

Then I read an article about what had really gone down in McKinney prior to the filming of the now famous video. A private pool in a luxury neighborhood had been invaded by a flash mob bent on terrorizing the residents. Dozens of youth from one of McKinney's poorer neighborhoods had decided it was entirely unfair that the rich people living in this neighborhood had access to this big, empty pool while all of them were stuck out in the summer heat. One bright individual sent out a Snapchat image of the empty pool followed by an invitation to all his followers to "invade" the "sacred white pool" and "take it for ourselves". So they did. Dozens of them. They jumped fences, followed on the heels of residents with keys, or were let in by people already there. Once inside, they ridiculed the residents, make threatening gestures, started fights, and at one point attacked a woman trying to collect her children and take them out of the pool enclosure. Police were called. As fate would have it, the first officer on the scene had just arrived from not one, but two suicide calls. Emotionally on edge, faced with an army of aggressive, loud-mouthed, disrespectful and threatening young people, he overreacted and pulled his firearm when two young men blindsided him.

Then today I read this: "I can't remember if I cried, the day, Uke Players died." This is a blog post at, "Got a Ukulele...", one of the three most informative, useful, enlightening, and enthusiastic ukulele sites in cyberspace. For some reason known only to the administrators, a long-standing ukulele players Facebook group recently banned all of the most influential people in the world of internet ukuleledom. Writers, composers, professional musicians, dedicated amateurs, and harmless collectors suddenly earned the administration's ire. Those who were banned have universally expressed shock and innocence, unable to imagine what they might have done to earn being cast out of a group many of them had belonged to and participated in for years.

Look around you. Hundreds of such examples are popping up daily. What used to happen only on occasion has now become so frequent it occurs every couple of hours. Elitists with no tolerance for dissent, no respect for opposing viewpoints, and no willingness to hear any view that is not in lockstep with their own have moved into positions of control in hobby groups, in online discussion forums dedicated to such innocent topics as Japanese flower-arranging, in news sites that for years have been foremost in providing an outlet for oddball journalists, and even some hardcore libertarian forums, have all fallen victim to this creeping personal fascism that is spreading through our world. We have now completely passed the limits of polarization. Remember this post back in 2010, "Something odd this way comes"? Not long after making that post I was getting over a hundred rabidly profane attacks on every single video, every single day. I deleted that channel and did not return to YouTube for almost two years. Once I had returned, it took nearly another year before I could work up the courage to post a video.

I took a nap this afternoon. During my nap I had a pretty bizarre nightmare. I was a "Frog in a Blender". Some anonymous hand would hit the switch and after reducing me to pulp, reconstitute me so they could hit the switch again. I abandoned the idea of a vast, evil conspiracy trying to take over the modern world at least six or seven years ago. My last post that came close to being a "conspiracy" rant was probably, "McGraw-Hill Runs America", and even that one was meant as tongue-in-cheek satire.

However, something is happening out there. ISIS, for example, is being allowed to run unchecked through ancient Bible lands. Yes, "unchecked" is exactly what I mean. The minor successes of the bombing campaign and Iraqi army are mere pinpricks that have done nothing to slow down the advance of ISIS nor interrupted their consolidation over the areas they control. The only thing keeping ISIS from continuing their advance is they have reached the limits of their supply lines. Once they get the logistics of this vast landholding they have captured worked out and flowing smoothly, you will see them launch another blitzkrieg style assault on territory bordering them. Mark my words, Syria will fall next year and Iraq will be gone the year after, or maybe vice-versa. Remember, you read it here first.

I don't understand what is going on. It is easy to label it a "conspiracy", but whatever it is that is happening runs much deeper then a simple man-made conspiracy. There is a global cultural revolution underway. Billions of people all over the world have suddenly decided they like the idea of living under a benevolent dictatorship. Convinced of their own righteousness, they are doing everything in their power to marginalize and eliminate any voice of dissent, any rumor of freedom, or any insistence that tyranny is bad for humanity. There is a very real genocide taking place in the Middle East. Christians, Jews, and even moderate Muslims are being driven from their traditional homelands. Not just under ISIS. In Nigeria, Tunisia, Bahrain, and several other countries being anything other than a militant Muslim dedicated to "civilizing" the world under the "purity" of Shari'a has now become an unpardonable crime punishable by death. This is real. And even worse, here in the west a creeping sort of fascism dedicated to ignoring the violence has overtaken news outlets, discussion forums, social media sites, and even some online games. There are now countless places in cyberspace where any discussion of anything other than positivism will get you instantly banned for life. Schools have become fascist enclaves with non-gender toilets, Christian businesses are being boycotted for simply living in accordance with their faith, Muslim taxi drivers are refusing to pick up passengers from bars at closing time, and some Christian businesses are refusing to serve non-Christian customers of any kind! Islamofascism is taking over the Middle East while social fascism is taking over the rest of the world. This is a very dangerous combination!

I don't know where all of this will end. I only know it will be horrific and bloody.