June 03, 2015

Gender, biology, and the future of humanity

I added this video the day after writing this post because it seemed fitting.
The LGBT movement would like us all to believe that masculinity and femininity serve no purpose.
This is a great lie.


Biology is absolute. Nature abhors a vacuum. Unfortunately, the modern world is often unwilling to accept simple, absolute realities. "Progress" has come to mean denying the reality that surrounds us and forcing it to adapt to our imagination. This thinking is highly delusional. It is quite common to find large segments of civilized societies falling into such delusional thinking just prior to their collapse. Violent crime, pestilence, and social unrest are symptoms of an impending social collapse. They are not the cause. Civilizations implode once a critical mass is reached and delusional thinking prevents the society from adapting to our dynamic, ever-changing reality. Mother Nature has no patience for a delusional species. Her solution is extinction.

The whole world, quite literally, is talking about a sixty-five year-old former Olympian who just underwent gender reassignment surgery. I have spent three days dodging news articles, op-eds, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, and Google+ posts, but to no avail. The story is everywhere. Therefore, I have decided I might as well jump on this bandwagon and write up a blog post of my own.

As I pointed out in my opening, Mother Nature's solution to delusional thinking is simple and straight-forward: the species dies out completely. It is foolish to think that we as humans are somehow magically exempt from the natural world, the laws of nature, and the consequences of delusional thinking. If we continue down this path of denying fundamental biological realities and insisting that science is divine then sooner or later there will be no more humans. I have no idea what will replace us, but nature most certainly will replace us. Our natural world must have a sentient species because only a sentient species has the capacity to develop the means of escaping this planet and spreading throughout the greater cosmos. We are on a very strict deadline. We have, at absolute best, roughly one billion years to find a way off this planet or no life at all will survive.

The real danger of all this applauding a man who becomes a woman or vice versa, the real problem with the entire LGBT movement, is that such thinking denies the basic laws of biology: it takes both a man and a woman to create, nurture, and teach a child how to survive and prosper. Test tube children created from the embryos of two women or the zygotes of two men are a fascinating scientific development that could become a reality any day now. However, this kind of human reproduction is rife with problems. Even if every single problem can be overcome, it will never account for more than a small percentage of people. It cannot provide the foundation for colonizing the entire cosmos. Good old-fashioned sex between a fertile man and a fertile woman will always be the best source of children and there must be children or humanity has no future.

If Bruce Jenner, old and falling apart, has decided that in order to be happy he must become a woman, I have no problem with his decision. I hope that for whatever time she has left on this earth Caitlyn Jenner enjoys days and night filled with contentment. I hope she never regrets her decision. I have no problem with two men or two women who decide they are in love and desire nothing more than to spend their lives together. As long as these cases account for only a small minority of people I don't see any problem with it. What bothers me, what troubles my mind and causes me to worry about the future, is how society is responding. Calling these people, "heroic", "brave", or "courageous" is foolish and highly delusional. Assuming that the vast majority of homosexuals and transsexuals are both sane and stable is a frightening conclusion that denies their potential contribution to the future of our species. Do we really want to risk the survival of humanity by granting a high, preferential social status to individuals who deny reality, deny their own biology, and insist their genetic code is in conflict with their emotional life?

We as a society should not condemn these individuals. We each individually should treat them with the same respect and courtesy we would award anyone else. Every human deserves the right to express their worldview in a non-violent, non-destructive way. Each person has the right to defend their life against predatory violent people who seek to destroy them. Everyone has the right to pursue their own concept of happiness provided that pursuit does not damage anyone else. Treating other people with courtesy and respect should be common sense. We are all in this together and if our species is to survive and prosper we must cooperate with one another. However, the moment any group of people is granted preferential treatment it introduces the very real danger of this preferred class becoming destructive and tyrannical. LGBT parades are no worse than Independence Day parades. The moment leaders within the LGBT movement begin preaching that the LGBT lifestyle is more natural and more rewarding than classic heterosexual lifestyles then we have a huge problem. This is the situation we find ourselves in now.

The crass self-sexualization of Caitlyn Jenner, the Vanity Fair photo set dripping in overt sexuality, is not dangerous because it somehow compromises social mores. The danger here is that young men and women by the millions are now being taught that they don't need to learn to accept the reality of their own biology. They are encouraged to desire becoming the opposite gender of the one they were born into. Homosexual behavior cannot produce children. A man who becomes a woman cannot become a mother. A woman who becomes a man cannot become a father. They are infertile. They cannot produce children through sexual relations. At some point, the glorification of the LGBT lifestyle and the awarding of social status and preferential treatment to it will result in millions of potential parents losing their ability to produce children. Their genetic material will not be available to future generations. It does not matter that in a given generation that individual is living a non-reproductive lifestyle. What matters is that each life is short, temporary. Each individual life is, quite frankly, completely meaningless in the grand scheme of things. You are not more important than I am and I am not more important than you are. The only thing that really matters is what contribution we make to the future of our species. For without that contribution, the species has no future.

You are not the center of creation. Without your contribution to the future there will be no future. The one real aspect of the Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn Jenner transformation that we should be applauding and rewarding is that Bruce Jenner took the time and made the sacrifices necessary to have children and raise them to adulthood before he became she. Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn, lived the life he was born into and fulfilled his duty to humanity and humanity's future. That is what we should be applauding. The courage he displayed living as a man until he had completed his obligations to his children and to humanity's future is the most important aspect of this story. The transformation itself did not take courage. After all, he was only becoming herself. All it required was money and time. It is noteworthy that Caitlyn is now Caitlyn, but it is not something worth holding up as an example of responsible living. Raising children who are mature, responsible, and capable of carrying the family into the future is both commendable and worthy of applause. This is the sacrifice the media should be celebrating.

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