July 12, 2015

Donald Trump Full Press Conference about Illegal Immigrants

This video is the full 51 minute press conference with Donald Trump and the families of people whose children were killed by illegal immigrants. The first five minutes contains some stuttering and freezing, so please be patient until you get past the early rough portion.

I am absolutely not a Donald Trump supporter. At least, not yet. However, even I can see that the main reason Donald Trump is rapidly becoming such a polarizing political figure is because he speaks the absolute truth. Veteran's affairs, illegal immigration, Iran, ISIS, these are the only issues that political candidates should be discussing and yet Donald Trump is the only candidate that leads off every single appearance with these vital issues. Political correctness has so completely gutted the First Amendment that no one in public office is willing to discuss the real issues endangering the future of our nation. This must change.


I'm adding this speech Donald Trump made in Phoenix the day after the one above because the two speeches carry similar themes and ideas.

(I finally made it all the way through the Phoenix speech. I'd like to know who the wannabe comedian is standing just on Donald's left (bottom right corner of the frame). That's rude, inexcusably rude.)