July 16, 2015

ISIS is now operating in a global theater

Core strategic planning in a military campaign begins with a clear definition of the "theater of operations". In order to maximize deployment of resources, establish stable logistics, and complete a successful campaign, a commander must first have a clear understanding of what is and is not included in their area. This broad theater of operations is then broken down into important strategic objectives, intelligence is gathered, and resources are deployed according to how many resources the strategic planner believes will be necessary to capture or destroy each objective. Even in World War Two, the Axis powers realized that fighting across the entire world would be extremely difficult, so they divided the world between themselves. Germany took the Atlantic basin and its surroundings while Japan took the Pacific basin and its surroundings. Not even the old Soviet Union attempted to wage war across the entire globe. The Soviet theater of operations for the Cold War was Southeast Asia. They chose Southeast Asia because they knew in order to defeat the United States of America they would first have to defeat China. This was necessary because at the first sign of weakness, China would be more than happy to invade the U.S.S.R. from their largely unprotected southern border. The goal of the U.S.S.R. was to surround China, destroy it, then capture Western Europe, and then attack the United States. The Soviet failure to control Southeast Asia is probably the main reason the United States and the U.S.S.R. never started lobbing nuclear weapons at one another, let alone opened a new war in Europe.

According to the Liberty Unyielding blog, a Twitter account has been established outlining a series of attacks that ISIS has set in motion. The first two of these attacks took place in Chattanooga, Tennessee where four U.S. Marines were killed, one wounded, and one police officer wounded. In conjunction with this attack, Islamic radicals that have already declared loyalty to ISIS, opened fire on an Egyptian Patrol boat, eventually destroying it with a rocket. Normally, the two attacks on opposite sides of the globe would not be considered to be related. However, both attacks were announced on Twitter in advance of the attack actually taking place. This demonstrates a level of control and coordination that up to now had not been directly credited to ISIS. Obviously, everyone who should know better has badly underestimated ISIS' ability to use the infamous "dark web" to coordinate with supporters around the world. This is a very bad thing to discover accidentally. This means that ISIS is now operating in a global theater of operations and the only thing limiting their ability to reach into your town is logistics. Unfortunately for all of us, logistics problems are never insurmountable. It takes time to work them out, but they are never impossible to overcome.

The question now is how can the civilized world, broken and fractured as it is into enclaves of power with deep personal vested interests in preserving the status quo, confront an enemy that uses the entire world as their theater of operations? The short answer is, we can't. Since nations cannot and will not cooperate to face and defeat this threat, there is only one force on earth powerful enough to do the job: you and I. Now more than ever, it has become paramount that the entire world realize every individual alive has a natural right to self-defense and in order to exercise that right they must be allowed access to personal firearms. We cannot predict when or where our enemy will strike, but we can be certain of two things: ISIS deliberately seeks out soft targets, ISIS supporters are everywhere. The only way to minimize the potential damage that an individual armed with a firearm or a bomb can do is to have someone on site when that person reveals their intent, someone willing and able to take out the threat the moment it appears. There will never be enough police officers or soldiers to counter a global terror organization. Even if there were, having that many professional fighters would make it even easier for ISIS to locate and identify individuals who they can bribe, blackmail, or otherwise coerce into betraying the trust placed in them.

We don't need to be paranoid, but we do need to be prepared. There needs to be a global initiative to recognize the inherent right to self-defense in all of us. Those who are willing to do the training necessary to use firearms responsibly must have access to both arms and ammunition sufficient to defend themselves and any innocents near them. Not just in the United States. Everywhere in the world everyday citizens must be both prepared and equipped to stand up to terrorists, violent criminals, and yes, even oppressive governments. The time of sorting has begun. Are you willing to defend your neighbor? If so, you need to be prepared. Do you seek to destroy your neighbor? Then you are part of the problem and you need to know your neighbor is prepared to defend themselves. It is time to eliminate soft targets by providing ordinary people with the training and means to stand up and oppose violence. Make no mistake, this guy or one of his friends is coming for you and when he gets there, you will have to be prepared to defend yourself. Don't be afraid! Be prepared. If you are prepared, he cannot terrorize you.

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