July 27, 2015

Rubio vs. Kerry on Iran Deal

I don't know if Iran will abide by the deal they just signed with the United States. At this point, I don't even know if the U.S. Senate will ratify the deal. If they don't, then it won't matter. If they do, then the challenges really start. I am certain Iran has no intention of giving up their search for some way to destroy both the United States and Israel. The Iranian people are divided on the issue of Israel's right to exist, but the Ayatollahs who pull the strings of morality and in many ways control the politics of Iran are very clear in their desire to see America destroyed and Israel removed from the face of the Earth.

Destroying the United States would be ridiculously easy at this point in time. One to five nuclear detonations at high altitude (depending on their strength and the altitude of the detonation) would quite literally fry every circuit board from Northern Canada to Southern Mexico. Iran could easily have that capacity within the next twelve months. If the U.S. Senate and the Ayatollahs both approve the agreement, then Iran will be able to import the technology from Russia and pay for it with money restored by the lifting of sanctions. Long before Barack Obama leaves office, Iran will have the capacity to completely destroy the electronic infrastructure that makes life in modern America possible. Whether or not they actually deploy that technology is a fool's bet on both sides.

The Ayatollahs and the Iran Revolutionary Guards are the only two political powers in Iran that really matter. The Ayatollahs are religious leaders working everyday to transform Iran into an Islamic theocracy. The Iran Revolutionary Guards control the economic backbone of the country and love money far more than Allah. If this agreement is put into place, there is no way to predict what will happen between these two as the one seeks to destroy Israel while the other seeks to expand the Iranian economy. I am not optimistic that this conflict will be resolved in a way that benefits the rest of us.

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