August 04, 2015

Fair Use Notice: Looking for the creator of this image

I have searched the internet using every tool at my disposal looking for the individual who owns the intellectual property rights for this image. I am planning to modify the image in Adobe Photoshop Elements and use it on the cover of a short story collection. The short story collection is called, "The Yellow Hummingbird and other stories" and will be published on the Kindle sometime before the end of August. If you created this image, or if you know the person who created this image, please contact me before August 31st so I can give proper credit on the copyright page. If no one contacts me, I will assume the image is in the public domain.

The original image is above, the version I created in Adobe Photoshop Elements is below.

This blog reaches approximately 15,000 people around the world on a daily basis (and sometimes many more!), making it by far, the most efficient means at my disposal for conducting a fair and reasonable search to locate the photographer who created this image. I have already used Google image search, but the results were too convoluted to isolate the creator of this image. This image has appeared on approximately 50-60 internet sites with at least three different attributions. About half of those sites are individual pages at Pinterest, making it impossible to determine who actually created the image. If you can demonstrate clearly that you created this image, please send me an email.

I can be contacted at Please use the subject line: "Fair Use Request" to insure I don't delete your message along with the 150 or so junk messages my public email account receives on a daily basis.