August 06, 2015

I got impatient, went ahead and published

As anyone who reads this blog knows, a couple of days ago I posted a picture in an effort to find the creator. I had planned to wait until the end of the month, but I have already given up waiting. I guess I'm getting old.

As you can see from the image above, this morning I published, "The Yellow Hummingbird and other stories", in the Kindle store. Now all of those who have been unhappy with my reviews are free to come and bash my writing. I do hope they enjoy their moment of sweet revenge!

I suspect this short collection will not be popular, even at the current price of $3.99. I'm actually okay with that. The main purpose of this exercise in frustration was learning how to format for and publish to the Amazon Kindle. Now that I have that knowledge under my belt, I can clean up, "Magic Lessons", and not have to worry about searching around for a publisher. Once I have the book where I want it, I can publish it to Kindle on my own. Also, this exercise has reignited my writing addiction a bit, so I don't mind sitting down and spinning out reams and reams of words. Rewriting is still hard work, and probably always will be, but such is the life of a writer.

I am very grateful for the convenience of the modern internet. I am enormously grateful to for finally just last year cleaning up the KDP system enough to make it genuinely useful for anyone willing to take the time to learn it. Learning it has not been easy, but prior to 2011 even learning the system was not enough. Prior to 2011 the system itself would often introduce errors into manuscripts even when converting a clean source. Just getting my Author Page set up took over a week, but at least it was possible! I tried once in 2010 to set it up and was greeted with a labyrinth of pages referring to other pages and no real way to link myself to, "Magic Lessons". At least, not that I could find. It went much more smoothly this time.

The next step is getting, "Magic Lessons", into the Kindle Store. Once that is finished, I'll be emotionally prepared to go back to writing, rewriting, and publishing new, original fiction. I already have some ideas underway, and a dozen or so books written up as outlines (although I don't know if I actually like any of those!). After exploring all of the options available to me, at this point I have decided to focus strictly on Kindle publishing. If things go well, a couple years from now I'll take another look at Smashwords and see how well they've improved their system.