October 30, 2015

The Quiet Apocalypse

I don't think we need to worry about a zombie apocalypse, although to some extent one has already begun. Reports of individuals who strip naked, find a victim and begin munching on their victim's still living body because they are high on "bath salts" or some other modern designer drug seem to have become a weekly occurrence. At this point in time there is so much chaos in the world that a Biblical Apocalypse, if it arrives, might prove to be more of a salvation than a fearsome day of judgement. Recently we've been through near misses from world-ending meteors, Ragnarok, close of the Mayan long calendar, and a dozen other prophetic end times, but none of them seem to have been very spectacular. Even the Muslim world is convinced their own final judgement is about to fall upon us. One of the driving factors behind the dramatic and bloody increase in terrorism is the widespread belief the "12th Imam" has already arrived somewhere on Earth and is preparing to lead the world into a glorious Islamic utopia. In order to hasten that day, many fundamental Muslims leaders believe they have a sacred duty to encourage the spread of violence and chaos directed at "infidels" within both the Muslim world and the greater world that surrounds them.

In contrast to the horrific fire and ice visions of most apocalyptic seers, we have entered a very real apocalypse that every single day is drawing us closer and closer to a world without people, or at the very least, a world with only a handful of people scavenging among the ruins of modern civilization. This apocalypse has not been announced with trumpets or rising oceans, but has instead shown up as curious, disbelieving footnotes scattered here and there among the Kardashians latest meltdown, the newest American Idol, and the American Women's Soccer team winning the World Cup. The clearest hint of this quiet apocalypse is the cataclysmic fall in birthrates throughout most of the world:
Japan Times: Fertility Rate Dips Again
The Guardian: Europe's Demographic Disaster
Market Watch: America's Falling Fertility Rate
Washington Post: China Abandons One-Child Policy

Another hidden aspect of the very real apocalypse we are facing is one that few people are comfortable discussing. Pornography has driven the growth of the internet and in many ways, has become the leading source of both technical and social innovations in our world. Hidden with the shadows of this world of sex cams, amateur video sites, and adult dating communities, a startling new technology has arisen and gone largely unnoticed. Thanks in large part to a company called, True Companion, sex bots have arrived and sales are booming. As you can see in the video above, Real Dolls the number one producer of realistic silicon sex dolls, is not far behind and will be offering their own sex bot in the very near future.

In case you missed it in between your morning espresso, your evening reality television show, and your late night sexy video chat, more and more young people are avoiding the divorce gravy train by simply opting out of marriage. As the LGBT movement becomes more normal than heterosexuality, divorcees become players or cougars, and young people simply stop creating new families, alternatives to procreation are rapidly becoming mainstream culture, even though no one is willing to acknowledge it. Feminists spread hatred of men, men reject modern women as "psycho", and suddenly a robotic companion is not only a possibility, but an absolute preference. Birth rates fall, and instead of panicking over the demise of the species everyone celebrates having avoided a dystopian future of massive overpopulation, starvation, and cataclysmic levels of industrial pollution. In our race to save the Earth we have doomed humanity and absolutely no one has awoken to this dire trend. Men and women are so busy hating one another's imperfections, trying to control one another's daily behavior, and arguing over reality television, that they have stopped having children. In another generation or two, perhaps three if we are really lucky and birth rates in the Muslim world hold steady as they abandon fundamentalism and develop their own version of modernization, people will become an endangered species. The extinction of humanity is upon us and not only have we failed to recognize it, many of our political and academic leaders are celebrating it.

Over the past year I am finding fewer and fewer internet sites dedicated to dating or finding a life mate. There are still some, but they are falling by the wayside. The core social movement I am seeing is a proliferation of "social networking" sites dedicated not to bringing people together, but to providing forums for countless voices that have completely given up on finding a life mate, having children of their own, and continuing humanity's march into the future. The prevailing trends are toward virtual sex, casual sex, replacement sex (dolls, toys, robots), and the proliferation of same sex couples seeking to adopt children from impoverished nations in order to "give them a better life". Young women who find themselves pregnant are more inclined to abort their child, or simply take an abortifacient the day after either casual sex or unwanted sex. Rape victims are now routinely given abortifacients, and victims of date rape can simply request them at the local pharmacy counter. For some reason the modern world has learned to abhor both procreative relationships and children themselves. Many young people now see children the way young people of my generation looked at cats, namely as, "wonderful creatures, provided they belong to somebody else because I don't need one".