November 05, 2015

Making a difference

I am getting really disgusted by people on social media passing around pictures of idyllic country settings with a silly caption such as "For $1 million would you live here for one month without internet or cell phone?"

I don't care how addicted you think you are, in all my journeys around this great big world of ours I have never met a single person who would refuse such an offer, which is exactly why such an offer will never be made.

This, however, is an offer that is easy to find, if you have the courage to accept it and the discipline to follow through:

And just to get you started, here are five places that will happily point you in the right direction to use your current skills to make a real difference in the lives of children growing up in our world's poorest neighborhoods:
Teach English in Africa
97 Trusted Volunteer Projects
Traveller's Worldwide List of Volunteer Organizations
Hints for Teaching with Limited Resources

So if you really want to challenge your ability to live without daily necessities while drawing a pay check and making a difference, now's your chance.

Photo source: Votavo