November 11, 2015

Ten Days to Collapse of the Global Order

Please read this editorial by Greg Littell. Seriously. Go read it, then come back:
The Idea of Armed Rebellion in the US is Ludicrous


Mr. Littell, you are a delusional fool.
This is how an insurgency in the United States will unfold.

Day One: Local law enforcement backed up by National Guard attempt to confiscate the illegal firearms held by a community following the passage of an expansive "safe firearm ownership" law. Much to everyone's mutual surprise, a small group of 15-20 gun owners have barricaded themselves inside a well-fortified stone house owned by one of the wealthier members of a local "assault weapons fan club". In the ensuing firefight, all of the gun club members are killed, along with over 200 law enforcement officers and National Guard soldiers.

Day Two: A memorial service for the fallen members of the gun club erupts into violence as two factions of the club begin shooting at one another in a dispute over the "reasonable new law" and the "murder of our family and friends" that rapidly escalates out of control. Dozens die in the ensuing firefight and it takes several hours for local law enforcement to restore order.

Day Three: All across the nation local militias begin to call in their members and organize defense protocols just in case such a law is passed in their local community.

Day Four: News Networks and the internet are ablaze with calls for a national version of the local law that led to the initial firefight because obviously owners of "assault weapons" are violent, criminally insane psychopaths who cannot be trusted.

Day Five: State legislatures all across the nation along with both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate begin debating similar laws to "disarm these potential terrorists in our midst". Many of the laws are passed immediately in late night sessions where opposing members are held outside the chambers by force of arms.

Day Six: A retired military officer along with a couple active duty flag officers begin making the rounds of talk shows calling for communities to peacefully accept the new laws. Other retired military (but no one on duty military because they have been silenced by their commanders) refute the call for peace and demand these "unconstitutional restrictions on the Second Amendment" be vetoed by governors everywhere.

Day Seven: Several states where the laws have passed begin immediate programs to confiscate "assault weapons and other military hardware" but to their surprise, law enforcement and National Guard troops raid armories instead and take the stolen weapons to their fellow "gun nuts".

Day Eight: In anticipation of confiscation, armed bands surround police stations and National Guard armories demanding the new proposed legislation be opposed by governors. Violence breaks out in cities all across America. Millions of members of the American military join up with flag officers who oppose the new laws and begin planning ways to avoid compliance. Some of these meetings are broken up by Military Police and Shore Patrols, often with violent consequences.

Day Nine: Violence escalates through the ranks of the military and across the nation as the two opposing sides refuse to negotiate with "tyrants" in the other camp.

Day Ten: Russia invades those Eastern European and Central Asian nations that have refused to join the Russian Federation. China invades Taiwan and Japan. North Korea invades South Korea with support from China. Israel sends tanks and soldiers into The West Bank, the Gaza Strip, South Lebanon, and the Sinai Peninsula. Iran responds with Russian backing by launching a missile barrage on Israel.

It might not be ten days. There is every possibility it could take anywhere from ten hours to ten months, depending on what comes beforehand. Nonetheless, if gun control advocates continue in their blind efforts to limit the access of law abiding Americans to their God-given right to possess the best self-defense tools available to the modern world, then civil war in America leading inevitably to global chaos will be the final result. The balance of global power is a very delicate thing. Many people hate the United States of America not for historical brutality, but for the linchpin function they serve in the modern balance of power. If this linchpin collapses because half the nation simply cannot accept the personal value structures of the other half, then the entire world will collapse into chaos.

A free, strong United States of America is the power that holds the ambitions of other national leaders in check. Remove that influence by an internal civil war and the entire global house of cards implodes. I don't like this reality any more than anyone else does, but I will not pretend it is not true. This stupid debate over gun rights has the potential to destabilize our entire world and the fault does not lie with those who enjoy firearm ownership. This danger to our world is being funded and propagated by people in all walks of life who simply do not understand that free people enjoy the right to be armed while slaves do not. There are too many people in modern America who long to be slaves. This is not a racial issue. It just so happens that the vast majority of these people are middle-class white Americans who have surrendered their right to free speech, their right to religious freedom, and their right to self-defense to "experts" in government, in churches, and in education. Too many of us have simply stopped taking responsibility for our own future because it is so much easier to rely on "experts".

The worst truth of all, and the one that everyone ignores, is this: there are influential people on both sides of the debate who honestly believe that triggering an American civil war and collapsing the existing world order would be a good idea. Those people are fools. They do not understand the consequences of the chaos they are seeking.