November 16, 2015

That's Compassion

So let me see if I understand this correctly:

Freedom of choice murders around 1.2 million unborn Americans every single year. That's compassion.

Iraqi Yazidi and Christian refugees cannot be accepted into the United States because they should stay in their homeland and help the Iraqi government fight ISIS. That's compassion.

Syrian Yazidi and Christian refugees cannot be accepted into the United States because we don't have room for them. That's compassion.

100,000 Syrian Muslim refugees must be allowed to enter the United States even though we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that some of them will be terrorists, because that's compassion.

Half a million illegal immigrants coming across the southern border every year must be allowed access to schools, hospitals, and public utilities even though they have already broken our laws by entering without permission and even though we know some of them are murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and Middle Eastern terrorists, and even though they cannot and will not pay taxes to use those schools, hospitals, and public utilities, because that's compassion.

1 in 4 young black men must remain unemployed, and 1 in 3 black single mothers must receive taxpayer supported monthly checks and other assistance instead of looking for work because jobs have to be found for the 20 million illegal aliens already here, the 100,000 Syrian Muslim refugees coming here, and anybody else the "government" decides to hire to sit at a desk in a climate controlled office and insult taxpayers, because that's compassion.

50,000 American war veterans will sleep in the streets of our cities tonight because we're spending so much money taking care of illegal aliens and Muslim refugees that we don't have enough left to provide them food, shelter, clothing, and mental health care. That's compassion.

A fast-food worker must receive a "living wage" even though a soldier, an EMT, a rookie police officer, a secretary in a large corporation, a background and set piece artist in Hollywood, a journeyman mechanic, a gas station attendant, a table server, a bartender, most retail sales people, and most factory workers do not, because that's compassion.

When a white police officer kills a black criminal it is clear evidence of systemic racism, but when a black officer kills a white criminal or when a black gangster kills a black child, that's just a form of "acting out" and we must try harder to understand the stresses of their oppressed life, because that's compassion.

Sure. I guess that makes sense. After all, that's compassion.