May 03, 2016

Behind Trump's Rhetoric

I see this Donald Trump every time he takes the stage, every time he throws out a bully paid to interrupt his rally, and every time he promises to build a wall. I don't know why or how, but I see him there behind his vitriolic rhetoric and reality TV campaign style. I can see the same Donald Trump in the set of his shoulders, the fire in his eyes, and the success of his children, that this woman sees every day at work.

Do not underestimate the Donald. There is great power in him, and great potential for a reformist presidency the likes of we have not seen since that butcher Andrew Jackson was thrown out of office on his bigoted ass. The bigots are not Trump's supporters. The bigots are the fools inflaming racial tensions and stoking violence for the sake of political power and preservation of their own corrupt lifestyles.

Yes. I'm an angry American voter. I'm angry at the corruption, the selfishness, and the deception that has been the rule in American politics ever since midway through Ronald Reagan's second term. A new foundation was laid in Reagan's first term, a foundation for a new world order based on genuine preservation of human dignity and protection of every individual's inherent civil rights. A corrupt, unbalanced, rotted shack was then built on top of that foundation.

It is time to tear down that shack and build a proper, constitutional government based on freedom.