May 14, 2016

Transgender bathrooms are a diversion

The world has truly gone insane. Or at least the United States has. President Obama by imperial decree has ordered all schools to allow boys to use girls restrooms and lockers (and vice versa) simply because the individual "identifies" as the opposite gender they were born into.

ISIS is coming across the southern border disguised as illegal immigrants, heroin is ravaging our youth, the time bomb of national debt is slowly counting down, and our President is worried that sissy boys and macho girls are being bullied because they want to use a different bathroom or locker room than mandated by the school?

This is exactly why I am having so much trouble coming up with blog posts. It's not that I don't have an opinion. The problem is that the most compelling issues on the daily news and crossing the President's desk are petty, unimportant, ridiculously insane concepts that have absolutely no bearing on our future as a country, our ability to create jobs for each new generation, and our relationships with enemies and allies alike.

Who cares if Donald Trump is a bigot and a philanderer? Seriously, what difference does it make? Can he stop ISIS from transforming the wild borderland between Iraq and Syrian into the starting point for World War 3? Can he stop the flow of heroin, drug dealers, rapists, and murderers across our southern border? Does he have a plan to pay down the national debt before it completely destroys our economy? These are the real issues facing our nation! These are the issues with the potential to shatter not only the social and political cohesion of the United States, but the peace and prosperity of the entire modern world!

Neutral gender toilets and locker rooms? Really? People are passionately arguing over this? Our world is crashing down around our ears and we're fighting over which high school changing room a woman dressed as a man or a man dressed as a woman should use?

When the tipping point is reached and billions around the world die in famine and flames, we will deserve our fate. We are bringing it down upon ourselves not by violating some moral law of God Almighty, but by completely ignoring the very real dangers growing in power and strength while we argue over which public toilet to use.