June 20, 2016

A perfect example of delusional thinking

This is a "news" article by a well-respected reporter working at the Chicago Sun-Times:

Would be Terrorists Can Buy Guns, but not a Reporter

Delusional thinking begins right in the very first line, "There’s something soothing about buying a gun."

He states this point blank as if this emotional response is somehow true for every gun buyer, every time. This is not a "fact". This is, at best, an assumption on his part about the emotional state of the American gun buyer. It is an extrapolation from his own emotional state which he then projects onto every single gun buyer in America for every single purchase they make.

I have bought, sold, and traded several firearms. All told, probably around a score. Currently there are around a dozen in my gun safe. None of these transactions has ever been "soothing" for me. Some were exciting because I stumbled across a rare, limited edition firearm at a bargain price. Some were no different than buying a gallon of milk. Some where annoying because without explanation or reason, the ATF delayed approving my purchase for 72 hours. Some were startling, with the gun shop owner handing me the phone and the ATF agent asking me several questions to clarify my identity. Apparently a few years ago there was a fellow out in California with the same name who had been involved in a drunk driving accident and then later the same night raped a woman he knew. Until they arrested this fellow, every single time I had to interact with the federal government I got quizzed about how long I'd lived in Ohio, where I'd lived before, and if I could prove any of it.

I don't know what fantasy land these reporters live in where it is "easy" to buy an AR-15 clone. The one AR clone I bought is also the transaction where the ATF quizzed me over the phone in the middle of the gun shop. About a year ago I sold that rifle to a friend, who still has it. Between the ages of 49 and 55 my eyesight decayed enough that the iron sights were too difficult for me to use. My friend swapped out the upper, mounted a $600 varmint scope on it, and now he tells it is his second favorite rifle.

In the second paragraph of the article, Mr. Steinberg waxes poetic in his effort to paint a sunny summer day as dark and gothic simply because he is on his way to buy a gun. This is not factual reporting. This is pure fiction.

In his article, Mr. Steinberg goes to great lengths to introduce anonymous neighbors and friends, each more dark and frightening than the next. One neighbor has high fences and electronic security, so Mr. Steinberg "assumes" this neighbor also owns firearms. This is not a fact. This is an assumption. This is pure paranoid imagination on behalf of Mr. Steinberg. It is nothing more than plain old bigotry fueled by delusional paranoia. Mr. Steinberg also introduces an alcoholic "friend" who owns firearms and implies his friend is suicidal. After advising his friend to turn over all of his firearms to someone else, Mr. Steinberg leaves the reader with the very clear impression that his friend is dangerously depressed, and yet, there is no indication Mr. Steinberg has referred his friend to either law enforcement or social services. A simple phone call to any suicide prevention hotline would provide his friend a proactive counselor who would regularly call and visit his friend and attempt to guide his friend out of his depressed state. Law enforcement in either Illinois or California has the legal right to descend on his friend's house with a search warrant and collect those firearms "to insure public safety and individual welfare" simply on the basis of a single phone call from Mr. Steinberg. Neither of these calls have been made and apparently the friend has not committed suicide, making his inclusion in this article pure paranoia on behalf of Mr. Steinberg. In short, yet another delusion that is presented as a fact.

In the end, the gun shop holds the firearm overnight, and during this time they learn about Mr. Steinberg's own history of alcohol abuse and domestic violence. As a result, they refuse to sell him the firearm and refund the full purchase price. Mr. Steinberg then asserts, with no factual basis, that the only reason he was denied is because he told the gun shop the truth about being a journalist. Naturally his insists that this paranoid assumption of his is somehow magically a "fact".

This article is not a news report. It is not even a factual presentation of Mr. Steinberg's experience. This article is simple, ordinary, run-of-the-mill propaganda. That is all it is, pure, anti-gun propaganda. It is more fictional than my fantasy novel, "Magic Lessons".

It is a sad fact that there was no legal reason to deny either the San Bernardino terrorist nor the Orlando terrorist the right to purchase an AR-15 clone. Both were legally entitled to make those purchases. It is an equally sad fact that out of the tens of millions of AR-15 clones sold in the United States over the past five years, two of them wound up being used in terror attacks with horrifying numbers of dead and wounded.

There will be more of these style attacks. I believe they are going to increase in both frequency and severity. Thousands of people are going to die in such attacks over the next decade. There is only one way to slow down the slaughter: more responsible, law-abiding firearm owners with sufficient training to pin down, distract, or even kill the terrorist the minute they open fire. There is no other solution. More gun control laws making it harder for ordinary Americans to buy firearms, get professional training in using a firearm for self-defense, and then carry those firearms everyday, will increase the slaughter astronomically as more and more terrorists finds their victims unarmed, untrained, and unprotected.

Increasing taxes to pay for more police will have the same effect as increased gun control laws. Put the two together, increase both gun control and the presence of law enforcement, and before you know it the United States of America will have become a police state ruled by a dictator. That is the inevitable, unavoidable result of depending on the government to protect you. The only way to remain free is to arm and protect yourself. Being responsible for your own personal self-defense is paramount in a world where insane criminals driven by a violent religious ideology can strike anytime, anywhere. Until radical Islam has been completely replaced by peaceful Islam, terror will continue unabated. You must learn to protect yourself. Like it or not, you are the first line of defense in a terror attack. Not the police, not the FBI, not Homeland Security, and not the military. You are the person on the ground when the terrorist opens fire, therefore, you must be prepared to defend yourself.


(June 21, 2016
Edit: I removed one paragraph that incorrectly cited the location of Maxon Shooting Supply.)