June 24, 2016


Fox News: Britain Votes to Leave the EU

Throughout Europe and the United States, for most of my adult life, anyone who disagreed with the liberal progressive vision of a united world under a single governing body with the power to redistribute wealth from the richest nations to the poorest has been treated with disdain and derision. "Far right", "populist", and "pandering to the lowest common denominator" have been thrown around as slurs against anyone who spoke out to say that maybe the world did not need to be a global empire. Relentlessly, destructively, the forces of utopia have continued to drive the world into something that looks a great deal like the world-spanning evil empire of the anti-christ as described in the Book of Revelation. Even in futurist fiction, there were only two futures seen as being realistically possible: an industrial wasteland with scraps of humanity trapped in a single megalopolis, or a vast nuclear wasteland resulting from global thermonuclear war. The only way to avoid these two dystopian visions has always been seen as the full and complete adoption of a neo-Marxist agenda built on nature worship and mass peasantry under the divine guidance of specially trained bureaucrats.

Today, in the United Kingdom, that utopian vision of a global monarchy has been dealt a punishing setback. News pundits, scholars, politicians, and nobles with ancient bloodlines are aghast at the audacity of the British people to flat out refuse their vision for the future. No doubt in the days, months, and years to come, massive effort will be expended to isolate the United Kingdom, to break it up into its constituent parts, and to prevent other populations around the world from asking if perhaps they too have been misled by the rosy futures pictured by those in the fight to unify the globe.

This was a narrow victory for the people of Great Britain over their own entrenched elites. Already there are some who advocated for a "Brexit" that are calling this vote "revolutionary" and "seismic". It has taken much of the world completely by surprise. I am not going to even try to predict what the fall-out from this vote will be, but I am certain it has completely changed how the next decade will unfold.

Oddly enough, what concerns me is something no one else is looking at. I cannot help but wonder if this vote by the British people has set up a war between China and Russia. These two superpowers both hold the last deeply empowered oligarchies overseeing economies that operate on a global scale. Not even the House of Saud can claim the kind of power and influence of the Chinese State Council or the Russian Council of Ministers. For the duration of Barack Obama's presidency, both Russia and China have taken advantage of Obama's refusal to look beyond the Middle East in order to expand their regional power and increase their regional prestige. Russia has supported moves to divide up the surrounding nations, especially those in Central Asia, into two blocks, pro-Russia and pro-Europe, and then peel away the pro-Russia block and add them to the Russian Federation. China, meanwhile, has continued to integrate Hong Kong into its political and economic framework, to undermine the government of Taiwan, and to secure the entire East China Sea as a combined military and economic zone exclusive to itself. They are rapidly turning the world's fifth largest sea into a massive Chinese lake.

One of the advantages of having Britain in the EU is that it provided a strong, unmistakable opposition to the aggressive expansion of both Russia and China. Many of the major concessions made to the EU by both nations have been the direct result of British lobbying within the halls of power in Brussels. Now that Britain has voted to leave the EU, the EU itself may find that it must turn some of those concessions back to Chinese or Russian benefit in order to survive, prosper, and hold their union together. If this becomes a trend of surrender and capitulation to these two superpowers, then it is entirely possible Russia and China might each decide the world would be better off without the other. A war between Russia and China would be devastating to the world economy, to the global environment, and to the internal politics of everyone else. The opening of such a war would see China moving to neutralize American naval superiority in the Pacific while Russia would be forced to move to neutralize American naval superiority in the Atlantic. If a weakened EU leads to war between China and Russia, then both nations would be forced to attack the United States in the opening days of such a conflict in order to insure the U.S. did not enter the war in support of the other side.

On December 7, 1941 the Japanese Imperial Navy launched a massive attack on the American naval base in Pearl Harbor. They did not want to launch this attack because they did not want the United States to enter the war on the side of the allies in Europe. However, strategically, they knew they had to neutralize the American navy in the Pacific in order to capture Southeast Asia and the Philippines and wrest them away from European colonial powers (as well as American colonial power in the case of the Philippines). That action led irreversibly to their defeat in World War Two. It also forced the American military to develop atomic weapons in order to be certain neither Imperial Japan nor Nazi Germany gained them first. Should China and Russia wind up going to war, they would both find themselves in the same position as Imperial Japan in 1941.

Europe is going to be in chaos for the next few years, possibly for the next decade. This chaos will have economic and political repercussions that will directly affect every single person on the planet. This successful vote in favor of leaving the EU will also have a direct impact on the American presidential election this November. This will dramatically boost the prestige and influence of Donald Trump's campaign because the popular foundation for his campaign is identical to the Brexit advocacy in Great Britain. This victory is the first direct battle in a popular uprising against the half-century long utopian daydream of liberal progressive elites. Now that battle has been joined, there is no telling where it will end, or who will win, but one thing is certain: the entire future of our world has now been dramatically altered.