August 15, 2016

War is coming

Voice of America: Turkey-Russia Hold Talks, Ease Tensions over Syria
The Korea Times: N. Korea-China Trade Shows Signs of Reviving
The Australian News: China-Russia Joint Military Exercise in South China Sea
Mehr News Agency: Turkey to Join Iran-Russia in Syrian Peace Project
Tasnim News Agency: Iran's Tayyebnia in Beijing to Attend Economic Forum

While the American news media is obsessed with tearing down Donald Trump and heralding yet another collection of Olympic Gold Medals, America's most devoted enemies are quietly improving relations with one another. This past week the foundations have been laid for a new era of economic, political, and military cooperation between Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea. These are the stories the American media should be telling. Instead, our entire media, for whatever reason, has been reduced to a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. Even Fox News, once the bastion of conservative news and commentary, has drifted into stories and opinion pieces focused on criticizing their rivals rather than reporting and analyzing the events happening all around us.

As the European Union crumbles beneath the loss of Great Britain, an impossible debt burden, a surge of radical Islamist terrorism designed to render it impotent, and a NATO alliance that has been rudderless since the collapse of the U.S.S.R., Russia and China have begun setting aside their centuries-old animosity for one another. At the same time, China has been drawing North Korea closer to itself while Russia has been building deep economic and military ties with Iran. This is what happens when the American CIA, controlled by a delusional utopian president, focuses on monitoring our allies rather than working to increase existing divisions between our enemies. President Obama has shown over and over again that he has no concern for what is happening in Russia, in China, in Iran, in North Korea, or in Cuba. Instead, he orders our intelligence services to wiretap EU offices, download Angela Merkel's itinerary from her mobile phone, prosecute FIFA executives for bribery crimes that occur in Europe and South America, and build a brand new American embassy in Havana.

Everyone in American journalism is asking the wrong questions. I don't know if they have all suddenly become incompetent or if they are intentionally avoiding the real stories going on all around us. Perhaps they believe everyone in America shares Barack Obama's lack of interest in the growing ties between our sworn enemies, the impact of $400 million in illicit cash when distributed through the world's terror underground, or how China's militarization of the shipping lanes between the Pacific and Taiwan affects American naval strategy. Regardless of the reason why, the fact remains, none of the stories above have appeared in American media. Even the Voice of America story above is directed to the world audience as a convenient tool for studying English rather than a potentially explosive news report.

It does not matter whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump becomes the next president. Whoever wins will be faced with a world on the verge of global thermonuclear war. China is not militarizing the South China sea to fight piracy. They are laying the groundwork for an invasion of Taiwan. Turkey's President Recep Tayyin Erdogan, thanks to a failed military coup, now commands the most loyal military of any Turkish president since the post-World War Two rise to power of Adnan Menderes. Barely a month after consolidating his newfound control over the military, the first major external move he makes is to mend and strengthen ties with Russia rather than NATO. At the exact same moment as Russian and Turkish officials meet to discuss strengthening their relationship, a train loaded with Russian tanks pulls into the Crimean Peninsula in Southern Ukraine. These events happening here and how, as Barack Obama winds down his presidency and the American people get into drunken bar fights over who should be the next president, is not a coincidence.

Sometime soon, possibly as soon as February 2017, North Korean tanks will blast their way across the DMZ and descend on Seoul. If Hillary Clinton is elected, they might wait until February 2018, but 2017 would be strategically much better for them. America will have a brand new president in the White House. If the president is Hillary Clinton, then she will be preoccupied with currying money for her charity foundation from anyone and everyone who seeks leverage over the American presidency. If the president is Donald Trump, then everything will be in chaos as he struggles to learn the complexities of his new job, gather qualified senior bureaucrats for the vast apparatus of our federal government, appoint new diplomats to all of our allies, and mend the relationships with Congress that he is currently destroying through his highly negative campaign strategy. It will take no more than seven days for those tanks to reach the outskirts of Seoul, and possibly only three. Once America is deeply involved in defending South Korea, China will move to retake Taiwan, Russia will move into all of Eastern Europe, and Iran will launch bombing raids on Israel. Either just before or just after that day, Russia will destroy every East Coast military establishment in the United States in a sudden, unexpected nuclear first strike while China will do the same in the Pacific and along the West Coast.

I hope I am wrong. I hope the most contentious and childish presidential campaign in American history ends quietly, the new president has amble time to take over administration of the federal government and learn the role of Commander in Chief, and next year the nation learns to accept our new role as the number three superpower. For that is what we will be. By the time the new president takes office, Russia and China will have become the two prominent superpowers in the world and the United States will have fallen to number three.

Hillary Clinton as president will not mind in the least. She will find herself right at home in such a global climate. She will immediately use her charitable foundation to solicit money and favors from all of our enemies in exchange for influence over federal government policy making. After all, that is what she has spent her entire professional career doing, swapping influence for cash, and as president she will have even greater influence to offer so naturally she will be able to command even greater amounts for "speaking fees" for her husband. If American patriots object, she will confiscate their firearms. Mass confiscation will provide her many bloody opportunities to justify replacing the current 68% percent minority prison population previously convicted of "non-violent" crimes with patriotic "domestic terrorists". Instead of a global thermonuclear war, America will find itself in the throes of a violent, bloody rebellion. Naturally, this will free Russia and China to take whatever military actions they feel are necessary to consolidate their new diplomatic and economic position. The only real question will be how long their newfound friendship will last. Five years? Perhaps a decade? If the world is very lucky, a full score of years will pass before the relationship dissolves. By that time there will be no United States left to convince them to settle their differences diplomatically and war will be inevitable.

However, if Donald Trump wins in November, then our enemies will find themselves on a very strict timetable. It will take about a year for Donald Trump to learn what his new role actually entails. Most likely, his first priority will be domestic policy, so globally he will seek some kind of temporary agreements with both China and Russia to give himself time to fix those federal policies that have made his life as a real estate developer far more complicated than he would like. He will enact new policies that will help Ivanka expand her fashion business and help his son have an easier time managing Trump, Llc. At first, Russia and China will gladly agree to this reprieve in rhetoric aimed at their economic and diplomatic policies. After all, they will not quite be ready to go to war as early as February 2017. Another year to position personnel, equipment, and supplies will benefit them greatly. But North Korea needs the Han River frozen solid to launch their attack on the south, so they will move in February 2018, or perhaps 2019 at the latest. Either way, the months that follow will unfold exactly the same: nuclear strikes on America, invasions of Taiwan and Eastern Europe, bombing raids on Israel.

Let me say once again, I hope I am wrong.


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