October 01, 2016

Obama vs. Clinton, February 2008

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Here is the official transcript at CNN

It amazes me, sometimes, how short our memories are. Back in 2008, when Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton were dueling for the Democratic nomination, there were two issues foremost in everyone's mind: NAFTA causing it to be more efficient to produce goods in Mexico and ship them across the border into the United States than to pay American workers to produce the very same goods, and the astronomical rise in both healthcare costs and health insurance premiums. Here we are, eight years later, and both of these remain huge problems in the United States. It is still cheaper and more efficient to produce consumer goods in Mexico or in China or in Vietnam or in Indonesia or in Thailand or in Cambodia or in Pakistan or in India or in any of a hundred countries, and then ship those products into the United States, than it is to pay American wages and benefits. And this is still true despite a nearly 30% loss in purchasing power from stagnant wages amidst rising costs in rent, food, fuel, and healthcare, none of which are used to calculate the Consumer Price Index in official statistics!

Despite President Obama and Representative Pelosi teaming up in their efforts to force the Affordable Care Act through the House of Representatives, followed by President Obama and Senator Reid using a bizarre rule of "consolidation" to pass the failed House bill by "consolidating" it with the much smaller Senate bill that had just barely passed and sending the result straight to the president for signing, health insurance premiums have doubled, tripled, and in some states, quadrupled over their already insane 2007 levels. Over the past four years, dozens of American companies have shifted their headquarters to Ireland, Belgium, Belarus, the Philippines, China, and even Vietnam in order to stop paying American taxes and remove the need to comply with American safety regulations. Some companies, like Apple computer, have never made their products in the United States. Even Donald Trump and his wife Ivanka were compelled to produce their clothing and personal accessory product lines in China because either the productive capacity they needed was no longer available in the United States or it was simply too expensive. My own car, a Ford, was assembled in Mexico using parts made in dozens of different countries. Trade agreements signed by presidents from both parties, ratified by congressional representatives from both parties, and negotiated by trade officials appointed by both parties, have eviscerated American manufacturing. Sure, President Obama's economic polices have added 5 million jobs to the economy over the past eight years (3 million of those jobs are in States with Republican governors). However, during those same eight years, 25 million jobs have moved overseas!

In short, nothing has changed!

And that is only one of the reasons why I cannot and will not vote for Hillary Clinton.