October 17, 2016

Project Veritas Reveals Democratic Party Tactics

Back in 2005 or so, when it became apparent that I would soon be headed back to the United States, I began looking at a variety of internet resources related to events in America. Some of the first perspectives I bought into were conspiracy theories about a hidden liberal progressive alliance of big business, the Democratic National Party, and a variety of labor unions backed by organized crime. I bought into it because it was so very believable. As time went on and I learned the names of the actual players on the ground, the diversity of organizations involved, and the overwhelming logistic obstacles to creating such a conspiracy and then holding it together through four generations of American politics, I was forced to accept that while some collusion did indeed take place, calling it a "conspiracy" was not warranted.

So here we are in 2016. Two of the most unlikable and untrustworthy candidates to ever survive the presidential primary season are facing off against one another in their third debate on Wednesday, October 19th. This has been one of the most filthy, despicable, socially offensive campaign seasons in the history of the United States of America. Lincoln vs. Breckenridge in 1860 was not even half as revolting as the Trump vs. Clinton campaign season has been, and we all know how that one ended. Americans are phenomenal warriors. The Civil War (a.k.a., War of Northern Aggression) proved beyond a shadow of doubt that when we turn on one another no one really wins, not even after one side is soundly defeated. Clearly, we did not learn that lesson well enough.

There are many things I have long suspected about how Bill and Hillary Clinton run their public image. I recently read a book which confirmed many of those suspicions (Book Review: Crisis of Character). I also recently looked into some of the reasons why after using their relationship to transfer mining rights to 20% of American Uranium (mostly on lands controlled by Native Tribes) to a Russian mining company, the relationship between Putin and Clinton has definitely soured. I have a few more suspicions about reasons for that relationship to shift from companionable to vicious hatred, but I have not confirmed them yet. The point is, now they are both ready to throw the modern world into a global thermonuclear war just to satisfy their personal hatred of one another (Putin vs. Clinton, Beating the drums of nuclear war). Therefore, many of the things presented in the Project Veritas tape at the top of this page do not surprise me in the least. After seeing it, my first reaction was, "I guess I should have seen it right from the start."

I spent countless hours on social media denying that there was a conspiracy to create violence at Trump rallies. I guess I was badly mistaken. It is painfully obvious that the American media flat-out refuses to cover Hillary Clinton's long record of complete and dismal failures. I did not need Wikileaks to tell me that this collusion between the media and the DNC was not accidental. Even that pales in comparison with the video above. There is more than enough evidence for a RICO case. But then, the same thing was true when she ran against Barack Obama back in 2012. The conspiracy nuts are right. Clearly there are two sets of laws: one for the American people and one for Hillary Clinton.