October 14, 2016

Sex in America

CNN: 51 years, 17 girls, 1 plaid dress
CNN: Trump's insults reveal secret sexists
Fox News: Bill's accusers slam Hillary
Fox News: Biden says Trump is Sexual Predator

I am sickened by the depth of fake outrage over the sexual adventures of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. I would never behave in the way these two men have behaved, but let's be completely honest here, I would never even have the opportunity!

Three out of five American women who found themselves sitting on a plane next to either Donald Trump or Bill Clinton at any time in the eighties or nineties would not be able to keep their hands off of him. 3 out of 5, sixty percent of them. This is simple biology. In the eighties and nineties both men were handsome, athletic, charming, confident, wealthy, and very powerful. For fully sixty percent of the women in America, regardless of race, religion, or marital status, the experience of finding themselves sitting next to either one of these men in the close, intimate confines of a first class seat on a commercial airliner would be completely overwhelming. It is simple biology. If the flight lasted longer than an hour, within ten minutes they would be touching him and finding some excuse to kiss him on the cheek. Either of these men would immediately respond in kind. There would be several minutes of passionate embraces.

At some point, the woman's rational mind would take over. Maybe after the first kiss on the cheek, maybe not until after half an hour of kissing and fondling so intense it disturbs everyone nearby. The moment it does, the woman would feel shocked at her own behavior. Half of these women would then feel guilt or shame while the other half would decide to throw caution to the wind and roll with the passion of the moment. Around one in five American women, regardless of race, religion, or marital status, would wind up in his bed that night.

So stop with the phony moral outrage. Around 15-20% of you would eagerly and enthusiastically jump into bed with a young Donald Trump or Bill Clinton should the opportunity present itself. There is nothing morally wrong or right about statistics. Reality is what it is and it is time to stop pretending otherwise. For 60% of American women a young Donald Trump or Bill Clinton would be the absolute fulfillment of every adolescent fantasy they have ever enjoyed, every Disney movie they have ever seen, and every romance novel they have ever read.

The Donald Trumps and Bill Clintons of the world are not "sexist macho pigs". These guys are simply more than happy to help you fulfill your dreams for a night or even a couple of nights. Their biology is no different than your own. You want them. They want you. The problem arises the morning after. Around 15% of American women, after throwing themselves bodily onto a Donald Trump or Bill Clinton, will immediately be overcome with guilt or shame while another 15% will develop guilt or shame in the weeks that follow. They will apologize, withdraw, and run as far as they can possibly get from him. If they come across him a few months later, they will feel a deep terror that the other 70% of women cannot even imagine. This is also completely natural. This is basic biology, the kind of stuff we ought to be learning in high school biology classes. That 30% of women, the ones who threw themselves on some poor fool of a man and then became repulsed by their own sexual desires, the ones who felt horrified when they met him a second time, those are the women who are carrying our national dialogue. It is time for this three-ring circus to stop. I'm sorry ladies. You have every right to feel as you do. It is completely natural. However, your personal self-hatred should not be the overall defining emotion of American politics.

CNN today has two interesting articles that I have linked to at the opening of this blog post. In one of them, a family has a plaid dress used for school pictures. This dress is handed down for three generations, worn by 51 different girls at different times and in different schools, until finally one girl stands up to the family tradition and refuses. This article completely objectifies young girls. A six year-old girl, according to this article, is no different than a plastic doll that is dressed up and set on a shelf. The purpose of the girl is to fulfill some weird fantasy of some family patriarch or matriarch who over a half-century ago bought a special dress for their daughter. Back in the days of log cabins and sod houses, we used to call this a, "Sunday dress". Every young girl had one. It was expensive, usually festooned with at least one bow, and only worn on, "special occasions". In the CNN article one family preserves this perversion for multiple generations, forcing 51 different girls into great grandma's "Sunday dress" for their first school picture. CNN writes this article with a celebratory, light-hearted hand. Apparently, objectifying young girls in this way is morally acceptable to the CNN editorial staff. I guess they don't realize that this is exactly how a family creates a Monica Lewinsky.

Sexuality in America is torn between the Puritanism of the Quakers or the Methodists and the raw animal nature of barefoot sailors or tavern prostitutes. Some of our early colonies were prisons, some were religious sanctuaries, and some were commercial hubs. Right from the very beginning these three different social paradigms, with their three different standards for sexual behavior, have existed side by side in American culture. It is who we have always been. For the merchants, sex was a tool and product. When dealing with wealthy religious families it was a tool they used to marry into status and secure a permanent foothold in the community. For the sailors and tavern prostitutes sex was just another product the merchants were more than happy to turn a profit on. It is not the least bit surprising that so many Americans, around 30% of us (both men and women!), are tortured by our own sexuality. It brings both pleasure and shame, fulfillment and disgrace. After all, if our direct ancestors couldn't decide whether sex was sin, entertainment, or a product, how are we supposed to figure it out?

Apparently, at least in American politics, sex is all three. It was a horrible sin when Bill Clinton had sex with Monica Lewinsky, although for the two of them the sex was very entertaining. For the American news media, Bill and Monica having sex was and remains a great product that they can repackage and sell over and over again in countless variations while that 30% I've mentioned above continues paying their monthly cable bill for the freedom to stare on in horror, punishing themselves over and over again for the indiscretion of their own youthful sexual desires.

Once upon a time I believed American women were strong, independent people who made up their own minds, thought their own thoughts, lived their own lives, and refused to let someone else treat them as a commercial product, a political poll group, or a sex toy. Clearly, after watching the circus of Bill Clinton's impeachment in my youth and Donald Trump's evisceration in my old age, I was wrong. Apparently American women, at least that 30% who hate their own sexual nature, are more than happy to have Michelle Obama tell them how and what to think.


These numbers are not exact and they do not take into account genuine predatory behavior, which in the real world is actually quite rare (about 1 in 10,000 men is a genuine sexual predator). Different research produces slightly different results, possibly as a result of the researcher's own expectations before they begin studying sexuality. For more details read one or more of the books listed below. Once more, in case those numbers were too confusing:

3 out of 5, 60% = intense sexual attraction
Half of those, 15-20% of all women = feelings of guilt after the fact
Half of those, 15-20% of all women = no feelings of guilt after the fact
30%, half of each "Half of those" = long term sense of shame over their lack of self-control
70% = no sense of shame regardless of how they responded at the time