November 10, 2016

Congratulations President Trump

It's been a couple days since Donald Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 Presidential Campaign. The dust has mostly settled. Most Americans have accepted the result. President-elect Trump and his team have already started the process of gathering some 4000 political appointees they will need to insure a smooth transition of power. A few minutes ago I filled out an application at their recruiting website. I've been retired six years now, and I love being retired, but it would be a great honor to serve in some small capacity under President Donald Trump. I think I would enjoy it very much. And the pay scale for most of the non-volunteer positions is not too shabby. I wouldn't get rich, but I'd have enough to pay Washington, D.C. rents and keep my belly full. I applied for multiple positions related to commerce, trade, and education, since that is where most of my skillset would best transfer over. I strongly doubt I will even receive a, "thank-you for applying" email, but that's okay. They are going to be very busy.

There has been a huge outrage over his victory. Ironic, really, when I consider how adamantly the press, social commentators, celebrities, and so on were working hard to convince all of us right-wing, radical Tea Party types to peacefully accept the inevitable appointment and coronation of Queen Hillary. I guess they got caught by surprise. Of particular interest to me is the massive outcry from parents, "What will I tell my daughter?" So much so that I wrote a letter to my own nieces and then posted it to Facebook as an open letter addressed to all young American women:

As I stated repeatedly beginning back in August, I honestly believe that if Hillary Clinton had won the election Russia would have launched a nuclear strike against the U.S., probably with the help of China. Vladimir Putin hates Hillary Clinton with a passion he has not even displayed for President Barack Obama, whom he despises utterly. The combination of belief in Barack Obama's unwillingness to engage in direct warfare and Vladimir Putin's own unwillingness to deal with Hillary Clinton as president would have presented Putin with a historically unique opportunity that has never happened before and will never happen again: the very real possibility that he could destroy America without consequence. Putin is not the kind of man to let such an opportunity pass.

Fortunately, she did not win. Donald Trump's victory in the early hours of Wednesday morning removed any motivation Putin might have to take advantage of this unique window of opportunity. Vladimir Putin believes Donald Trump is a man who can be negotiated with as an equal. Knowing Putin, he probably assumes he is much smarter than Donald Trump and will not have much trouble taking advantage of him. Myself, I recognize in Donald Trump an ancient, very effective core lifestyle strategy: always encourage your enemies to underestimate you. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, finds it very easy to underestimate Donald Trump. They point to his bankruptcies, his failed Atlanta casinos, his failed "Trump University", his multiple lines of failed retail products, and his Chinese-made campaign hats, never once realizing that they are seeing exactly what he wants them to see.

Last year, when Donald Trump stepped up to the podium and announced his intent to run for the office of President of the United States, my local barkeep and closest confidante laughed and said, "Donald Trump is a fool who will never win." I supported Senator Marco Rubio at the time, but I turned to my much more sober, highly educated, extremely resourceful friend and said,

"Never underestimate the Donald."