November 29, 2016

Stop being a pawn

Stolen from The Mind Unleashed
Posted without permission or approval
I didn't even bother asking.

If you know anyone who claims this childish meme is true then remind them that this is America. You are only a pawn if you choose to remain one.

Get yourself in shape, get some training, and become a first responder. Almost every EMS, Fire Department, and Law Enforcement agency in the nation is constantly hiring. If you have the right training these jobs are not hard to get.

Go to night school. Get a degree in journalism, humanities, languages, or liberal arts, then go find yourself a media job. These jobs are slightly harder to find because they are more rare and pay very little the first couple of years, but the vast majority also offer guaranteed lifetime employment and great benefits. Don't throw things at the television commentator, become one!

Go down to the county office, fill out a simple form, pay a small fee, and start your very own LLC. Read up on tax laws and this will allow you to enjoy all the same tax deductions as the international corporations. The downside is, if you fail, no one will help you pick up the pieces and start over. Sink or swim, starvation or prosperity, you're completely on your own.

Better yet, go for the big time: run for local office, serve with distinction, and then go national!

This silly meme is only true in countries with longstanding traditional monarchies and entrenched aristocratic oligarchies. We abandoned all that claptrap 240 years ago.

Stop making excuses. Stop being a pawn. Be an American. Take charge of your destiny.