December 17, 2016

The world is still on the cusp of global war

Apparently only fifty-five people in the entire world read my August 15th post, "War is Coming". I touched on this theme again in October in two posts, "Putin vs Clinton, beating the drums of nuclear war" and, "The countdown to nuclear war has begun". Naturally, when Donald Trump won the election on November 8th I breathed a great sigh of relief because even though I knew that war was still possible, it was no longer certain. However, I did not take into account President Barack Obama's ability to stir the pot during the final days of his tenure in office.

There are many reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the election. The most important of these is that her mishandling of the Arab Spring during her tenure as Secretary of State led directly to the first assassination of an American ambassador since World War II. Make no mistake, the current chaos in both Libya and Syria are the direct result of Hillary Clinton's incompetence. When she followed up on her record of failure by making "common sense gun control" a primary issue in her campaign for president, she insured there was almost no possibility she could win against a solid Republican candidate such as Jeb Bush or John Kasich. (As I pointed out on November 14th: Hillary's stance on gun control may have helped Trump win). The final element of her defeat fell into place after Donald Trump won the Republican Primary by reigniting the wave of anti-establishment revulsion first given light over thirty years ago when the "Moral Majority" movement swept Ronald Reagan into the White House.

The Electoral College will vote on Monday and, barring a complete revolt on behalf of State Electors, Donald Trump will win by a landslide. This election, just like the election of Ronald Reagan and the re-election of George W. Bush, is exactly why we have an Electoral College instead of a straight popular vote. In a straight popular vote, the twenty counties that contain our most densely populated cities would dictate national politics to the rest of the nation.

If President Obama were a true leader, then the results of the November 8th election would have settled it. At first, it appeared he would indeed act in a mature, responsible manner. Following the election he immediately met with President-Elect Donald Trump to discuss the transfer of power. At the time, it appeared President Obama had finally become the intellectual giant his supporters believed him to be. I was pleasantly surprised at the press conference the two of them held after their meeting. For the first time in a very long time, I began to feel optimistic.

It didn't last long. Over the past two weeks President Obama has taken up his own war drum and begun pounding out a steady series of accusations against Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the White House and a long list of mass media talking heads, Putin is behind the hacking of John Podesta's email which makes him centrally responsible for Donald Trump winning the election. Some of them, including White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, have begun to claim that Vladimir Putin himself rigged the entire American election process in order to put Donald Trump into the White House. This is a very dangerous accusation, especially if it is true! However, it seems to me this entire scandal is nothing more than an infantile rant that has no relationship to reality. Either the current administration and Hillary Clinton's massive supporter base are all suffering from the same mass delusion or President Obama is working very hard to manipulate the United States of America into a global thermonuclear war with Russia. Thanks to the Sino-Russian Treaty of Friendship signed by Russia and China back in 2001 and strengthened several times over the past decade and a half, if either China or Russia enter into a war with the United States, the other must immediately join the fight.

Just yesterday, Chinese navy personnel stole an underwater survey drone right out from under the hands of the unarmed American naval research ship sent to retrieve it. A Chinese naval vessel followed the American ship until they located the drone, then swooped in and scooped it up before the American naval personnel could conduct their own retrieval. There is no doubt the Chinese navy knew exactly where that drone was located and they could have retrieved it at any time, but they waited until the Americans were present to insure we knew exactly who had retrieved the drone. It is entirely possible that they did this in response to President-elect Donald Trump accepting a phone call from the President of Taiwan and then stating in a press conference that he was prepared to shelve permanently the fiction of "one China" that has been a cornerstone of American foreign policy since President Richard Nixon put it into place back in 1972. Yesterday China also conducted the initial live-fire exercise with the first aircraft carrier the Chinese Navy has ever owned. In this case, a refitted Russian aircraft carrier they purchased and renovated a few years ago. Just before these events by China, Vladimir Putin's office issued a press statement demanding President Obama either provide proof of the Russian hacking of John Podesta's email or cease making claims about Russian interference in the American election process. It seems clear to me that these two actions taken by the Chinese Navy were done in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin's ultimatum.

I cannot understand why no one in our government or in our media has put the two together and recognized the significance of the timing of these events. This is the clearest, loudest, most flagrant and overt challenge to American naval and diplomatic supremacy that our world has seen in over half a century. Over the past forty-eight hours our world has been catapulted from moderate international tensions over the slaughter of innocents in Aleppo to a point one very small step short of a total declaration of war against the United States by the combined forces of Russia and China. We have arrived here in large part as a result of the flawed, feckless, and apologetic foreign policy blunders of President Barack Obama in conjunction with the diplomatic incompetence of Secretary of State John Kerry. Furthermore, I cannot determine from publicly available sources if this consistent movement we have seen over the past twelve months which is leading us into a direct military confrontation between the United States, Russia, and China is a hidden agenda of President Obama himself or if it has simply resulted from the sheer incompetence of his foreign policy team.

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