February 19, 2018

Everyone who is Demanding Gun Control is Creating the Next Mass Murderer

Here is how is works:

Progressive parents convince their children they are gods.

Children of progressive parents go to public school feeling like gods.

Abused children, children of bankrupt business owners, children of farmers forced off their land by environmentalists, children of conservatives with successful small businesses, and children of moderately successful hardworking Americans, all attend public schools with the little gods.

The other children are much different from the little gods, so the little gods laugh at them, bully them, make fun of them, and do everything in their power to remind the other children they are not gods.

Teachers admire the academic success of the little gods, so they support them and refuse to accept reports of their tyranny and terror.

One of the other children, probably from abusive parents, gets so angry they buy a gun, build a bomb, or both.

The angry child returns to the school filled with self-righteous anger at how the little gods treated them and then kills as many other children, both little gods and outcasts, as they can manage. Probably a few heroic teachers get killed too, but the angry child does not care as long as everyone is punished.

After the dust settles, the children of progressive parents (little gods one and all) go on national and international news media demanding someone do something while their progressive parents look on with pride.

Liberal fascism is the real problem. Both bullies and their victims are most often from homes filled with "progressive" ideas, regardless of the economic status of the homes. Progressives create the disenfranchised, then when the disenfranchised lash out violently, progressives quickly blame conservatives.

I am exhausted by both the violent lashing out and the condescension of the liberal fascists. It is liberals who are creating these violent children, and the violent children themselves are primarily from liberal homes.

It's not the gun.
It's not the NRA.
It's not the conservatives.

The real problem is fascism, and in the United States, the behavioral fascists are liberal progressives filled with self-righteous anger at social inequalities they themselves have created and reinforced.

When you demand people mimic your worldview you are telling them they are unimportant. If you tell them often enough, they begin to believe it. Once they begin to believe it, then violence is the only avenue they have left for self-expression.

If you believe some people are scum, then you are part of the problem.
If you believe there is no such thing as second place, then you are part of the problem.
If you believe you are are far more intelligent than everyone around you, then you are part of the problem.
If you believe everyone should behave like you do, feel like you do, and have the same opinion as you do, then you are part of the problem.
If you believe the government is the solution to every challenge, then you are part of the problem.
If you believe humans are all essentially good, then you are part of the problem.
If you believe humans are all essentially bad, then you are part of the problem.
If you believe some people are just better by nature than others, then you are part of the problem.
If you believe you are right and everyone else is wrong, then you are part of the problem.
If your favorite response to someone who disagrees with you is, "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard," then you are part of the problem.

We are each individual humans. Being human gives us certain needs and certain natural rights. Being human also gives us the ability to make choices. Being human also means our family, our society, the food we eat, the climate we live in, the quality of our teachers, and the skills we develop on our own, will all have direct, immediate impact on who we are, what we believe, and how we behave. Hatred is what drives mass murderers. They learn that hatred from everyone around them.

Somewhere along the line we forgot to be human. Economists and business leaders forgot that if people don't have jobs, then they don't have any way to participate in society, they don't have any way to acquire new skills, and they don't have any hope of a better life. It starts all the way back in elementary school when some well-meaning teacher convinces poor academic performers that they are stupid and incapable of learning so they shouldn't bother trying to study. For every winner there must be a loser and participation trophies only reinforce the idea that losers are lesser human beings than the winners.

Success should not be an excuse for condescension. Success should instill in the winner a responsibility to help others, not give the winner a reason to condemn and criticize. Success that creates humility is good for humanity. Success that creates arrogance is the most destructive force in all of human history.

Work hard, do your best, always look for ways to help those who are less successful without being condescending and without blaming them for their limited achievement.

Encourage. Lift up. Lead with humility. Arrogance and condescension is what creates mass murderers, not the tools available to them.

You reap what you sow. Every single time. Don't ask where mass murderers got their guns or how they learned to build bombs. There is no realistic answer to that question. It is irrelevant to finding a solution. Instead, ask yourself what kindness you can show to the angry, ostracized, socially isolated person sitting next to you. They probably won't appreciate it. They will probably assume you are trying to take advantage of them. But they will remember it and that memory will make them a tiny bit less likely to lash out in hatred. It takes a great deal of kindness to overcome a lifetime of social isolation. That kindness must begin with someone, so it might as well begin with you.

February 16, 2018

Mass Murder is a Human Problem, not a Gun Problem

As everyone knows, there was another school shooting a day or two ago. A high school in Florida. Seventeen dead. Naturally the news media and all of the smart people with their long resumes filled with fancy degrees and academic awards are all demanding the President "do something". By "do something", what they really mean is, "go sign an executive order demanding the ATF confiscate all the guns until the owners can prove they won't go shoot up a school, or a night club, or a holiday banquet, or whatever." It's perfectly sane for a woman to put a vagina hat on her head and label me with terms like, "toxic masculinity", and "sadistic gun nut", but somehow I'm the crazy and dangerous one because not only do I own a safe full of firearms along with a couple thousand rounds of ammo, I am also a Patron member of the NRA.

But I've decided I'm going to buck the trend. I'm not going to write a long blog post about why the Second Amendment exists and why 99.987% of American gun owners will never injure or kill another person with their firearms. I'm not going to point out that over half the so-called "gun violence" in the United States is suicides by people who find shooting themselves more practical than mixing rat poison in their morning coffee. Nor will I waste time and energy once again spending hours and hours compiling data points at the FBI UCR website demonstrating that in the United States well over 90% of all genuine crimes involving a firearm take place in cities that have "world class" gun control laws. Nope. I'm tired of using facts to refute raw emotion.

I feel a deep sympathy for everyone who lost a friend or loved one in the shooting. I really do. We have more in common than you will ever know. However, taking away my firearms or charging me a sin tax every time I buy ammo will not ease your pain, will not bring back your loved one, and will not prevent the next mass murder. The gun is neither the problem nor the solution.

Here, click on a few links, do some reading.
Battle of Little Big Horn
Massacre at Wounded Knee
Armenian Genocide
The Holocaust
Khmer Rouge Killing Fields
Waco Siege
Oklahoma City Bombing
Columbine High School Massacre
9/11 Attacks
Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting
November Paris Attacks
December San Bernardino Attack
Orlando Night Club Shooting
October Las Vegas Shooting
Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting

This list does not amount to even a tiny drop in the vast ocean of our violent history. The history of humanity is a history of violence, massacre, revenge killing, assassination, and so on. Human beings are incredibly violent animals. Despite our high intelligence, our beautiful art, our deeply felt poetry, and our soaring music, for some reason every time we feel socially isolated we lash out in massive waves of murder and mayhem. This is the problem we need to solve, not private firearm ownership. How do we lessen our very human tendency to explode into mass murder without destroying the strength, determination, and personal empowerment that separates humans from animals? Because, you see, we need this violent side of our nature. Our ability, no, our willingness to lash out and destroy everyone who opposes us is exactly the trait that has put us at the top of the global food chain. No other species has the creativity, the resourcefulness, and the intelligence to build cities, form trade pacts, negotiate peace treaties, found schools, and establish hospitals. Humans, in sheer terms of scale if nothing else, are absolutely the most unique and innovative species on our planet. Our violence is just as overwhelming as our creativity and unfortunately, the two of them are so deeply intertwined they cannot be separated. We are all Shiva, both destroyers of worlds and creators of universes. Also, differences of scale are not differences of causation. A single murder and a wave of genocide both spring from exactly the same human impulses.

The shooting in Florida the other day was a terrible tragedy. The pain being felt by millions of people around the world is very real. The pain being felt by the families and friends of those who were so brutally slain will never completely abate. Yes, it will happen again. It does not matter how often or how virulent the social debate. It does not matter if every firearm in America is confiscated nor does it matter if every family in America is ordered to own a firearm. The problem is not the gun. The real problem is that the human animal is the most violent animal in all creation. That violence is inseparable from both our creativity and our intelligence. Violence, creativity, and intellect are, in fact, the three qualities that make us human. For not only are we brutal killers, we are also brutally creative and brutally efficient killers.

Recently I've been watching "Ancient Aliens". One of the questions that always arises is, "Why did they leave and when are they coming back?"

They left because our violence horrified them. If they are as intelligent as everyone believes, then they are never coming back. If anything, Planet Earth has a bold label on every star map and at the opening of every database entry, "Access Forbidden: Violent and unpredictable inhabitants who are prone to mass murder".

February 12, 2018

Truth or Consequence: Kim Yo Jong in American Media

CNN: Kim Jong's Sister is Stealing the Show at the Olympics
Fox News: CNN Slammed for Glowing Puff Piece About Kim Jong's Sister
NY Times: Kim Jong-un's Sister Turns on the Charm

Long ago and far away, my siblings and I used to play a game called, "Truth or Dare". What we did not know was that this cute game taught to us by our parents began as a radio show they had listened to as children: Truth or Consequences. Today's kids with their "knock-out game", "slender man challenge", and "Tide Pod challenge" will never understand the pure joy of being dared by your sister to pet the neighbor's constantly barking dog and then doing it. Eating a Tide Pod is just stupid. Sucker punching an old man with his arms full of groceries is just sadism. Being dared to face your fear, accepting the challenge and succeeding at it, creates a sense of genuine accomplishment that filling out a Pokedex can never provide. If I miss anything from my abused, neglected, and dysfunctional youth, it is the one time I beat my sister at Monopoly and the pounding of my heart as I offered my hand to the neighbor's barking collie. Simple, childhood challenges that I carry with me even now. Looking out at the generations coming up behind me with their video games and their stupid mimicry of the "Jack Ass" series fills with a genuine sense of foreboding. The blind Neo-Marxism of the founders of every modern tech giant only confirms my worst fears. These new generations, or at least the public presentations of them, are not prepared for the challenges of the modern world.

North Korea is a cesspit. It is a shithole country. In so very many ways, it is the epitome of shithole countries. It has been ruled over by three generations of absolutely ruthless dictators who control their postage stamp country with the kind of blind adherence to personality that Stalin and Lenin only achieved in their dreams. Even Vladimir Putin, with his iron lock on Russian media and politics, is only half as much a tyrant. The three Kims are the ideal that pre-World War Two European fascism fought to achieve and never quite managed. North Korea is the perfection of multi-generational tyranny. No one has ever done it better. Probably no one ever will.

I first heard the name "Kim Yo Jong" when Japanese news media announced she would be the diplomatic face of North Korea at the 2018 Winter Olympics. I have watched with absolute horror the drift of South Korea under the magic spell of Kim Jong-un, the third and most recent Kim to rule North Korea. From the moment he ascended the throne, South Korea has looked for ways to idolize and adore him. It is truly horrifying to watch. As Kim Jong-un slaughtered family members and advisers, the South Korean press declared this was a necessary step to the liberation of the North Korean economy and politics. In op-eds and editorial narrative they declared this would be the Kim who brought North Korea out of the shadow of tyranny and into the light of democratic freedom. Even when Kim Jong-un killed South Korean soldiers and their family members in an unprovoked artillery strike on a border island, the South Korean press excused his actions as youthful enthusiasm. "He wanted to fire the big guns," they declared, "he had no idea the guns were pointed at our military base."

I was not the least bit surprised to see protests outside the Olympic Venue both for and against Kim Yo Jong's visit even as the South Korean press praised her keen fashion sense and the warmth of her smile. When CNN began reporting on it, poor Amara Walker simply could not contain her joy. I have never seen her so bubbly as when she read off her teleprompter about how warmly Kim Yo Jong had been received and how easily she had upstaged Vice President Pence. I don't know which impressed her more, Kim Yo Jong's invitation to President Moon Jae-iin or Vice President Pence very pointedly moving away from her when the South Koreans placed his chair below and directly in front of her at the opening ceremony. For those of you not privy to Asian etiquette, the placement of Kim Yo Jong and Mike Pence was no accident. It was a deliberate insult against the United States of America and a clear signal to Kim Jong-un that President Moon was in favor of discussing reunification without the presence of American diplomats. Yes, it's true, Asian culture is keen to pick up such signals and exploit them.

On the other hand, the blistering, explosive response by Fox News is idiotic. Yes, idiotic! "Fair and balanced" does not mean hurling insults and innuendo when something as overt as the placement of Vice President Pence at the feet of Kim Yo Jong takes place. For anyone with an understanding of Asian culture the insult is blatant, there is no need to trumpet it high and low in a fit of self-righteous fury. When the voice of conservative America explodes in rage it reinforces Kim Jong-un's sense of profound joy at seeing how warmly his sister was received and how deeply America was insulted. Yelling at a bully encourages the bully. Although, when it comes right down to it, I suppose I should not be surprised. The United States of America has been encouraging the Kims and reinforcing their narcissism for half a century. Every time we flood their country with relief supplies in response to a promise they have no intention of keeping after an overt provocation designed to strike fear into the hearts of their southern cousins, it tells the Kim family that America is easily manipulated by threats and insults. For fifty years our policy toward North Korea has consistently reinforced the power and prestige of the Kim family. Our liberal press is correct in this assertion. Shaking a fist at one of the Kims or passing a package of economic sanctions is exactly the response their grandstanding is intended to invoke. As long as we are reduced to fury and insults, they can go back to their people and insist the Kim family is the only protection North Korea has against the predatory interests of greedy American capitalists.

We should never acknowledge the existence of North Korea. Our politicians and foreign policy should be treating North Korea as a Chinese province. Every time they launch a missile, every time there is a flare-up at the DMZ, every time they threaten to take South Korea by military force, an American diplomatic pouch should be sent to Beijing asking them to please rein in their unruly country cousin. We need to approach North Korea as an internal Chinese disturbance that has had a negative impact on their foreign relations. South Korea will not like this one bit, and Japan will be horrified, but for every reference to Taiwan as an independent country there also needs to a equal reference to North Korea as a province of the People's Republic of China. We must return to full recognition of Taiwan as an sovereign nation and we must also begin treating North Korea as Chinese territory. We must do this to show the Chinese that we are not buying into their delusional worldview and to demonstrate clearly to the Kim family that they are of no consequence whatsoever on the world stage.

Asian culture is a spiderweb of symbol and allusion. Everything in life, no matter how small, carries centuries of history and tradition. This ancient baggage is acknowledged in countless tiny ways. Things as simple as how to hold a tea cup or as complex as how to lay out a computer motherboard carry the impact of two thousand years of recorded history. In Asia, one's ancestors are as close as each new dawn and as distant as each sunset. Most people (not everyone, of course, but most people) know exactly where their family has lived for the past two or three centuries. Many people know exactly where their family lived a thousand years before Christopher Columbus landed in the New World. History is very real in Asia. It is as close as the corner shrine and as commonplace as the table setting for the family dinner. The United States needs to do a much better job of navigating this complex cycle of birth and rebirth. We need to stop treating Asian nations as something new, exciting, and exotic. These cultures are very old, with countless traditions that have served them well for two millennia. We must not copy these traditions, for they are not ours and will not help us in any way, but we must recognize and acknowledge their importance to Asian people.

There is a solution to the aggression and oppression of the Kim family, but it is a Chinese solution, not an American one. We must encourage China to remove the Kim family from power and incorporate North Korea more closely into their economic and political life. This is the only road that will eventually lead to North Korea rejoining the South. As long as the Kim family is allowed to use 25 million people as their personal puppets, they will continue to be belligerent and demanding. The only way to remove the Kim family is to take the North Korean people away from them. The only world power with the geographic and political leverage to do this is China. If China invades North Korea, removes the Kim family, modernizes the country's infrastructure, and creates a more liberal economy, then we can begin discussing ways to bring North Korea and South Korea back together in a way that neither threatens Chinese sovereignty nor disrespects Korean pride.

Korea is a very old society, with a long history of great achievement and dismal failure. Their land has been destroyed nearly as often as Israel by nearly as many different players. It is a war-torn realm that has not known peace since the collapse of the Sung Dynasty. It is time to recognize the prerogatives of the Korean people themselves and the very real importance the Korean Peninsula holds for the safety and security of China. If we can ignore the partisan propaganda of our modern press, both liberal and conservative, and focus our attention on the voices of the Korean people themselves, then a way can be found to permanently remove the Kims from power and restore the unity of Korea. The end result will not be a replication of American Constitutional Republicanism, but neither will it be a replication of Chinese Communism.

It is time for the Korean people to pursue their own destiny, without the Kims and without the Americans.