September 20, 2018, Social media the way it should be

There is a new social media platform poised to launch. It is called "". It will include all the features of Facebook that everyone loves, plus something that should have been part and parcel of Facebook's original design: revenue sharing with the users.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Snapchat, and every other social media platform in existence collects metadata on its users. The system AI uses that metadata to sort the users into demographic groups suitable for targeted marketing campaigns. This is not a bad deal. The platform makes money, allowing it to stay in business and provide a service the users enjoy, while the users themselves only see advertising that has at least some relevance to their lifestyle and interests. However, the downside of this is that every post, every family photo, every favorite song, every meme and kitten video becomes data fueling the advertising AI.

Everything a person posts online is a form of "content". All content is owned by the creator, not by the platform. You own your original videos and selfies and photographs along with your updates and opinions. When you post content, your friends and family see it and enjoy it. Your content is what makes social media entertaining and successful. Your content is what fuels the AI that distributes advertising. You, the content provider, are the real power driving the success of social media.

Every single social media platform in existence is owned and managed by a team of extremely radical neo-Marxists. I don't know why this is, I just know it is true. For some reason the people drawn to creating social media platforms believe the primary responsibility of government is to collect wealth from the economic elite in the form of extreme taxation and then redistribute that wealth to the poor and unfortunate through social programs such as universal medical care, a monthly stipend check from the government, and free smartphones with government-sponsored data packages. One of the reasons they favor these social programs (especially stipend checks and smartphones) is because they know that eventually at least some of that money will end up in the social media company's bank account. Naturally, the social media developers themselves believe their service is so critical that they themselves should not be part of the economic elite paying the taxes to fund the social programs. This core hypocrisy in their belief system baffles me. They cannot comprehend that demanding both to be free of paying taxes while demanding other economic elites pay taxes is hypocritical. They cannot see their own reflection in the mirror of society and social justice.

If the social media developers honestly believed their own philosophy of redistribution, then they would take at least a portion of the revenue generated by their companies and redistribute it to their users. After all, the users are the ones creating the content which provides the entertainment that keeps them using the platform. The users are the ones creating the experience. The only thing the social media developer has done is provide the platform. Granted, designing and implementing that platform was an enormous amount of work. The social media owners and developers absolutely deserve to earn the money their hard work and inspiration has provided for them. They definitely deserve their wealth. However, their users are the ones who make that wealth possible. It is the users and the content created by the users that provides the metadata feeding the advertising AI. The users also deserve compensation for sharing their personal photos and videos and opinions, all of which are protected by intellectual property laws. If the social media developers honestly believed in redistribution of wealth, they would not be demanding it from the government. Instead, they would be doing it themselves. has finally brought rational design into the social media sphere. is designed from the ground up to work hand-in-hand with SocialCPX, the system that will determine the contribution of each user and the proportion of the advertising revenue they are entitled to receive. The exact details of how this will work have not been released. I have no doubt that in the future, other social media platforms will arise who use a different redistribution model and different forms of compensation, but is the first, and that will insure it will always be one of the most important. It is extremely unlikely anyone will get rich by posting family photos and opinions to Probably, the most successful users will be those who participate in both the advertising side and the participation side. They will have their own company or service of some kind and they will advertise on just as they would on Facebook or any other social platform. They will earn money by selling the same products and services they are selling now. However, in addition to this revenue from sales, their product page and personal page will participate in posting content, which will entitle them to a portion of the commissions paid by SocialCPX. The good news is that you can also be part of this new revolution in social media.

To join, just click anywhere it appears in this post. That will take you to my landing page which functions as my personal invitation to you to join this new social media platform. The platform is in beta testing, so there are some bugs and flaws and some content is not yet available. However, I have tested both the web platform and Android app as thoroughly as I can. The foundation is rock solid. is off to a great start.

So what are you waiting for? Join the revolution:

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