February 24, 2020

Not a good Monday

I work 2nd shift. I start work at 4pm and I get off at midnight. Unfortunately, my job is a Residential Support Specialist at a men's addiction recovery house. So if my relief arrives late, I must remain until they arrive. If they don't arrive, I work 16 hours straight. No breaks. No lunch hour. 16 hours on duty, on station. Not even fire fighters have this kind of schedule. Last night I was trapped at work until 2:45am, so it was after 3am by the time I got home and I must be back to work at 4pm today. After about 5 hours sleep, I woke up to this:

Down $40, only 40 minutes after the opening bell. Not a good way to start my week. On the plus side, now would be a really good time to join Robinhood and buy some stocks! If you join Robinhood using my link, we'll both get a free stock worth about $4:


This is my current portfolio:

I have also been reading quite a bit about cryptocurrency recently. There are two major movements that will dramatically change the role of blockchain-based virtual currency by year-end: central banks around the world are developing cryptocurrencies of their own and starting with the Galaxy 10, Samsung smartphones will include a pre-installed cryptocurrency wallet. 

I have had a Coinbase account for a couple years now, but I emptied it out back in September. I didn't close it. I just emptied it. On Saturday I opened the app, deposited $200, and bought $10 worth of every supported currency. 

( If you'd like to join Coinbase, please use my link:
https://www.coinbase.com/join/miller_g89 )

There have been many changes since September. One of the most interesting is the addition of Tezos, a Brazilian cryptocurrency that pays a stakeholder dividend as long as you hold onto it.

2020 is definitely going to change our world completely. By year-end the stock market will have passed through the 5G bubble, the coronavirus will have run its course, and cryptocurrency will be mainstream. 

February 15, 2020

More turmoil

I am not recommending any particular stock or investment. Do your own research, make your own decisions. I am, however, recommending everyone download Robinhood, open an account, deposit some money, and buy something. One of the great advantages of living in a free, capitalist society is that the means of production can be owned by anyone and everyone. Jealous of "big oil" or "big pharma" or some other "greedy capitalist corporation"? Download Robinhood and buy some stocks. For as little as $5 you can share in their profits every time they disburse the quarterly dividends. As an added bonus, if you use my link to join Robinhood, you and I will each receive one free share of stock worth about $5. So what are you waiting for? Download Robinhood, create an account, deposit some money, and experience the reality of free market capitalism for yourself: https://share.robinhood.com/brianm3790

Another week of turmoil in my meager portfolio:

I finished above $900, but my break-even point is now $935 because of the dividends I received in January. As the chart above shows, mid-week my total value came very close to the break-even point, but didn't quite reach it before dropping down again to just above $900. The entire past month, from mid-January until today, has been a rollercoaster ride of crazy turbulence. I am not certain what is causing such massive swings in either the market as a whole or my meager portfolio. Some blame the coronavirus, some blame the imploding EU economy, some blame chaos in parts of Central America and South America. Myself, I just wish folks would stop panicking over every tiny hiccup in global headlines. The market exists for buying and selling, that's true, but the past thirty days have been crazy. The American economy is still going strong, there is no global recession looming on the horizon, the coronavirus is not this century's version of the Black Plague or the Spanish Flu. Despite the doomsayers, it's really not that bad out there.

The past 30 days:

Most of my stocks are still below the price I paid for them, and that's okay. Nothing lasts forever, the market rises and falls based on the whims and fantasies of millions of people. No one person (and no secret cabal of greedy capitalist pigs) controls the market. Stock values represent the mid-point between the amount most buyers are willing to pay and the amount most sellers are willing to receive. Well, technically it's not the mid-point. The stock market matches buyers and sellers based on the sell price of the most recent transaction. Even a "market buy" will be determined by whatever sell offers exist at the moment you place your buy order. The transaction will be logged, and the price will join the ticker stream. This is why I almost always use "Limit Buy" or "Limit Sell" orders. As a result, many of my orders never complete and are either automatically canceled at the end of the day or manually canceled by me, depending on which option I choose when I create the order. If I submit 3 or 4 orders and none of them complete, and if I really want to buy a particular stock, or if I really need to sell something and use the cash elsewhere, then I submit a market order and just accept whatever price is available. Here is my current portfolio:

February 08, 2020

Extreme Volatility, but Trending Upward

As always, I am not advising anyone to purchase any particular stocks or make any particular investments. I am simply sharing my own experience. I would like to encourage everyone to download Robinhood, create an account, and invest in something. Research clearly demonstrates that owning shares in well-managed companies over time produces better returns than any other long term investment. If you use my link to join Robinhood, create an account and deposit funds then we both receive one free share of stock, probably worth about $4. 

My link: https://join.robinhood.com/brianm3790

Okay, on to the main topic.

For the past three weeks a variety of public news reports has caused extreme volatility in the stock market. I should have about $935 or more in my brokerage account. This includes the original $900 plus my most recent dividend payments. Unfortunately, at the moment my portfolio is in a negative position. A year ago I lost a huge amount by panic selling everything during a similar period of volatility. A very expensive mistake and a very expensive lesson. I guess I just have to learn some things the hard way. Here's my portfolio over the past week:

Overall, the trend is finally moving upward. Nonetheless, I finished the week at $885, quite a bit below the $935 cash I would have had if I simply deposited the money in a savings account somewhere. Part of the problem is my investments are centered around the 5G rollout which hasn't even officially begun yet. The first auction for the necessary frequency licensing just took place two weeks ago and there are several more auctions remaining. It will be April before 5G products show up at Walmart and Bestbuy, possibly May. There are a couple of American cities where 5G towers are in place, but very few. If my assumptions are realistic and my research accurate, then my portfolio should take off sometime in July or August. If I'm wrong, then it will take another twenty years for my portfolio to generate a good return, but that's okay. Last year I learned the hard way that investing in stock is not a short-term proposition. 

Here is my current portfolio:

I don't know how many people are following my little stock market adventure, but whoever you are, welcome to my little corner of cyberspace. I hope you're enjoying the ride as much as I am.