July 10, 2020

A very busy couple of weeks

The past few weeks I have been focused on photography. I have 130 images uploaded to Pixta now, and about 40 images uploaded to Adobe Stock. Unfortunately, I realize this is a far cry from the hundreds of thousands that a professional stock photographer has online at any given time. On the plus side, I am slowly becoming comfortable working with Adobe Lightroom Classic. The cloud version of Adobe Lightroom locks up my computer and crashes my router, which is very strange and totally impossible, and yet, it has happened a dozen times now. Therefore, I am forced into using the Classic version. One good benefit of the Classic version is there are far more tools and functions available than in the cloud version. I suppose it's not a bad trade-off, and to be honest, it doesn't annoy me at all because I have very little use for the cloud functionality of the newer Lightroom CC. I archive everything on OneDrive anyway, so I already have the ability to access my work from any and every device that falls into my hands.

This is one of the many photos I worked on in Lightroom. The first one is the original photo, the second is retouched with Lightroom Classic. Yes, I know, I still have a lot to learn.

I was on Amazon the other day, writing a review for a bad book about winemaking and searching for a good book about winemaking. I happened to stumble across an interesting item, a "Paisen" brand tenor ukulele. It was quite pretty, very cheap, and came with a handful of useful accessories including a chromatic tuner. I happened to have just a tiny bit of extra cash sitting in my checking account. I was trying to decide if I wanted to send it to Robinhood, but when I saw the Paisen ukulele, I decided that would be a much better use for the extra cash.

Naturally all this photography and reading and music has not left much time for looking after my meager portfolio. I did manage a couple dividend capture trades. I will receive the dividends for those trades in August. Today is Friday and I really didn't feel like thinking about anything related to money or investing or stocks over the weekend, so I sold everything off and put the cash into VEON. Currently trading between $1.77 and $1.80, VEON has a history of paying out three dividends per year and so far in 2020 they have only paid two. Their most recent dividend was $0.15 per share. I bought 250 shares. I probably could have bought 260, but I liked the even 250 number and another ten shares wouldn't make much difference in the long run. That leaves just about enough cash for a cup of coffee somewhere.

A very busy couple of weeks. Not very profitable, but fairly productive. I don't know what the future will bring, but I suspect things are going to get very bad, very quickly. I am 59 years old. I have walked the streets and valleys of places most people can't even find on a map. I have even been to a few places that you won't find on Google Maps no matter how hard you try. I guess they don't really exist? Anyway, I'm tired. If modern civilization has decided to finally and completely self-destruct, I'm going to sit back and watch it burn. Instead of a fiddle, I'll be noodling away on my ukulele.